writer, health-nut, and knowledge seeking 21 year old striving to promote authenticity and connect with others.


Amanda DiMarco

I grew up in Orlando, Florida; however, I like to say that 60% of my childhood was spent in the sunshine state, while the other 40% was spent on airplanes, in cars, and jumping on hotel beds. My Dad is a professional golfer, so my family and I traveled around the country, and even outside of it, for a lot of my life. I believe this is where my passion for seeing new cities and immersing myself in unfamiliar cultures stems from. Since my surroundings were always changing, I learned to appreciate the uniqueness that each country, state, city, place, or even hotel room had to offer. I paid attention to the eclectic observations I made within each, and admired them for what they could teach me. Now, I’m an almost-21-year-old English major who's currently living in Boulder, Colorado. With a deep love for writing, long drives, spunky hats, tiny towns, delicious and nutritious food, traveling near or far, being active, and learning new things, I hope to inspire others to see and learn from the world, and do what they love without fear. I plan to write for a magazine in New York City or Los Angeles after college, but if that doesn’t come to fruition, you might find me in the south of France living on a vineyard or a farm- of course, taking many weekend trips to Paris eating chocolate croissants and drooling over striking Parisian street style. Until then, I’ll spend my days writing subpar poems, hanging out in cafes drinking too much coffee, driving through the mountains, and publishing all too honest blog posts discussing borderline taboo topics, whilst sporadically documenting my travels.

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