Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Happy October, everyone! I love the Fall season altogether, but I think I've come to the consensus that October is my favorite Fall month. Not only do I adore it because of the crisp, sunny, & cool weather, but also because it's Halloween time!! I mean who doesn't love Halloween? Costumes, candy, halloween decorations, scary movies, haunted houses, & of course, PUMPKINS! Honestly, if you participate in any October festivity, it's gotta be pumpkin carving. Why? Because you get to roast some tasty pumpkin seeds when you're finished!! A couple of us girls headed over to Cottonwood Farms yesterday and you knowww we got our pumpkin patch on. I've grown up going to pumpkin patches my whole life, however most patches in Florida are no where near as fun as ones in CO. I mean this one had a corn maze, c'mon!! The only thing that was missing from this adventure was some warm apple cider. Keep scrolling down to watch the video of us gals havin' a time at Cottonwood Farms!