Colorful Colorado: Denver

It's December and 63 degrees out here in Colorado. On Saturday, that meant canceling our plans to go skiing and driving into Denver for the day. Let me tell you, we most definitely had a day. Coincidentally, my roommate Mikayla and I both decided to be boujee af and wear our ~faux~ fur coats. Mind you, the only plans we had were to go to breakfast. Yes, this is what we wear to breakfast and yes, we are the coolest roommates around. We dropped into Stowaway Coffee + Kitchen, a cute and cozy cafe, and grubbed. down. hard. I couldn't decide whether I wanted sweet or savory, so naturally, I got both. Mikayla and I split their yogurt & granola, I decided on the Colorful Colorado, and she had the scram breakfast sandwich. 100% recommend grabbing breaky & a coffee or even ordering off their takeout menu! 

When I say we had ourselves a day, I mean we walked 5.2 miles in booties, received various creative commentary on our matching fur coats, casually strolled down 2 blocks of streets filled with homeless people who contributed to said creative commentary, and stumbled upon the cutest German Christmas market ever! If you know me, you know that jumbo pretzels are probably top 3 on my list of favorite foods in the world and the fact that I did not purchase one here makes me very very sad and regretful. I guess this means I have to go back! I didn't stop by without purchasing anything though, I bought a cute ring. Because honestly, take me to a market and I will never leave empty handed. Denver has a special place in my heart because, in my opinion, it combines urban city life with organic, crunchy hippy vibes lol. If you're ever bored and have a couple hours to kill, walk through the city of Denver. The graffiti, murals, art, and colors you find scattered throughout are energizing. Ok honestly, I came to Denver for the food and stayed because of the art (ok and the other food places I stumbled upon whilst exploring).

And of course, I wouldn't leave a post without sharing my outfit dets: 

Sweater: Free People // Overalls: Thrifted, but here's similar // Fur Coat: ValleyGirl, (couldn't find online but brand is Ella Pearl and here's similar) // Sunglasses: Quay