2017 Recap

I feel like everyone says this, but this year was a year packed full of changes for me. Some amazing, some not so amazing, some hard, and others for the better. Regardless of the way these changes made me feel, they've taught me a lot, allowed me to discover new parts of myself, given me new opportunities, and facilitated my own personal growth. It was a year of figuring things out, getting my mind right, and really getting to know myself. Every year, I love to look back at photos that were taken and reminisce on the good times I've had. But this year when I look back on photos, it's a little different. Instead of looking back at only good times, I get to look back at all the different stages, transformations, the lows, the highs, and well, changes that occurred to me throughout the year and the way they've shaped me into who I am now. I'm happy. I'm excited. I'm learning new things. And I cannot wait to go into the new year with an optimistic, ready to take on anything mindset. Here are some of the things I've learned over the year and some photos of some of the good times.

things I've learned

-Leave when you need to leave, jump when you need to jump.

-Never do anything you don't enjoy doing just because someone tells you to or someone else enjoys it. 

-Never apologize for voicing how you feel.

-If you ask to be understood, do your best to return the favor.

-You will not find yourself if you are looking. You will find yourself in the things you do, way you act, and lessons you learn while being lost.

-When you fall out of love with someone or even yourself, let it come back to you. Don’t go searching.

-Learn to be your own best friend.

-You will not find yourself surrounded by others. They may bring out a version of yourself, but it’s just a small part of you. Take yourself out, get to know you.

-Not everyone will be your people.

-Give zero fucks about what other people think about you, give many fucks about how you think of yourself.

-Fake I­t­ until you become I­t­.

-Do not feel bad for doing what's best for you. It's okay to be selfish.

-Not every decision that effects/affects you is about you.

-Be social, life's short. (with the right people)

-Put yourself out there, life's short.

-Stop rushing life. Enjoy it.

-Do what you love, fuck anyone who shits on something that makes you happy.

-Not every response or reaction deserves a response or reaction.

-It’s ok to say no.

-Life’s too short to take yourself & others too seriously.

-God blesses you with beautiful pleasures everyday, so even on the shitty days, find it. 

-Find comfort in the unknown, you're able to use your imagine to believe you can do or be anything.

-At the end of the day, it's just you. Enjoy your own company.

-There's so much beauty and joy in rediscovery.

-LIve your life by 4 L’s: lead, listen, learn, & love-- Lead yourself and others in the right direction, listen to people & what they have to say, learn what you can about anything you can, & speak with love always.