Maxi Dresses & Morning Magic

Let's talk about happy places. Being born and raised in Florida, it's no surprise that mine is the beach. However, Ponce Inlet beach is my happy place for far more reasons than just the fact that it's breathtakingly beautiful. Happy places are usually locations that have brought us joy in the past and are associated with a feeling of relaxation and carefree vibes. They are those places we think of when we're sitting through the last hour of class or work. They are the places we go to when the dentist turns on the drill and starts in on our teeth. They are that place we go to literally to escape the overwhelming, difficult, & crazy times in our lives.


Now let's talk about this dress. The perfect compliment to my happy place. It's only necessary to have a closet full of flowy maxi dresses if you find yourself at the beach more often than not. What's even more of a must is this Free People dress! I mean just look at it. Maxi dresses that have slits in them like this one are perfect for the beach because they're easy to move around in. Also, if you tend to get super duper tan in the summer like I do, wearing white will just make you look all the more sunkissed!



Although my happy place brings me all of those things, relaxation & contentedness, I also associate mine with clarity. I associate it with walks on the beach around sunset, meals eaten on the balcony staring at the waves & hearing them crash, sitting on the sand reading a book & listening to good tunes, early morning runs & admiring the serenity of the water. I associate my happy place with quietness. A place where I can hear my thoughts and a place I can think more clearly. Happy places are powerful because they allow us to put our mind in a positive, open space and let our thoughts flow readily through. These places can help us make smarter choices and decisions & feel good about them. Happy places are also good for the soul; so find yours, go to it often, & allow your mind to be free and unforgiving. You and your decisions will be better for it.

IMG_0181 copy.jpg

The past two weeks it's been raining nonstop here in Florida. So when this morning turned out to be as beautiful as it was, it was impossible to look away. My lovely photographer friend who took all of these amazing photos lives in Daytona and I asked... ok I basically forced her, lol, to wake up at 5:30 am and shoot the sunrise with me!! It was totally worth it though, right Madison?? Love you, lol!! The sky was so kind for giving us the most magical morning in a while. Hopefully they'll stay clear for us for a bit!

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