The Perfect Denim Shorts for Summer

I feel like I haven't done an OOTD (outfit of the day) post in so long and I'm starting to realize why. Summer in Florida doesn't really offer up the best weather for fashion. Sure, you can get away with a cute summer dress or romper, but most days I find myself seriously just wanting to throw on some jean shorts, a tank top, and call it a day. It's too hot out for fun material or cool layering, so I find that I really run out of options during this time of year. And even though all I want to wear is denim shorts in the summer, I find myself always complaining about having to do so because BORING. That being said, I've decided to make an effort to fall back in love with styling and wearing jean shorts. And these Pistola Denim shorts make that process very easy. I discovered this brand at Bloomingdales the other week and am now obsessed. I am so obsessed that I'm sharing their mission statement/what they're about below because it's that good.

Like, if that isn't the most relatable thing you've ever related to EVER, you're lying. I am now converting into one of those girls who wears denim shorts out at night because their denim is that rad. And because Pistola told me I could and they're cooler than me. Trust me on this one, I am VERY picky with my denim, but Pistola denim hits all of my requirements. Not only do the shorts fit well, are easy to move around in, and true to size, but they also are such a unique jean short! They're literally plain shorts, but the cut, rips, quality, and way the shorts sit make them look so different. I'M DIGGIN' IT GUYS.


fashionAmanda DiMarco