Romper Radiance

I think this might be the most color I've worn in my entire life. It doesn't help that my hair is bright a$$ blue. My brother calls me "Blue Mands Group" and honestly, it's funny and clever af so I don't mind. If you got any witty nicknames for ya girl send em' my way. I'm blue (dabadidabadyeee), so let's hear em', lol.

Anyways, how rad is this romper I found at Feathers N Fringe the other day? Two things I look for when buying pretty much any item of clothing: do I have to wear a bra with it? And does it have pockets? This, my friends, doesn't require a bra and ALSO has pockets. So, I obviously had to buy it. Major. Win. I'm Diggin' rompers for this heat, especially ones that have spaghetti straps because like I said, #BeatTheHeat y'all. Seriously, the key to survive in Florida summers is the less clothes the better.

Anyways, I feel like the tanner I get, the more color I need to wear. In the winter months when we're all pale, too much color can cause too much contrast and make us look washed out. So, now is the time to shop the colors of the rainbow and compliment that beachy bronzed glow.

Romper: Feathers N Fringe // Sunglasses: Feathers N Fringe // Long Necklace: Gypsy World Vintage // Bracelet: Balenciaga // Boots: Target