Summer Skin Care Secrets

Having a regimented skin care routine is so important; we all know this to be true in the winter months. However, one thing I think people forget is that taking care of your skin is just as, if not more, important in the summer months, too. We're outside all day, at the beach, in the pool, or working out in the hot Summer sun. Our faces might not feel dryer, but they're still exposed to damaging stimuli. I'll admit 9/10 if I'm outside, unless I'm laying out, I'm not wearing sunscreen. I'm trying to get better though because the sun does so much damage that we will regret trying to prevent in 10-15 years. I find that in the Summer, yeah my skin gets tanner, but it also tends to become dry later on and peel. So, every morning and night I make sure I complete my skin care routine and follow a few other steps that I have found really keep my skin youthful and glowing.

Tip 1: Invest in a good face wash

I use Glytone's Mild Cream Cleanser, find it  here !

I use Glytone's Mild Cream Cleanser, find it here!

Halfway through my freshman year of college, I ran out of the face wash I'd been using for almost 2 years. When I went to buy another bottle of it online, I couldn't find the exact type, so I bought one that was similar. After buying it and using it for a good 2 weeks, I noticed my skin was becoming extremely dry and flaky. Little did I know, I purchased a face wash that was meant for oily skin and my skin type is moderate. It's worth figuring out what skin type you are (oily, moderate, or dry) so that you don't do some serious damage to the way your face looks and feels. And please don't waste time and money using generic brands like Cetaphil or Neutrogena. Invest in a high quality, dermatologist used face wash because your skin will thank you for it!

Tip 2: Don't touch your face

If you start to pay attention to your little annoying habits, you may realize that you touch your face a lot more than you thought. Well, I hate to break it to you, but that could be a huge factor in why you have break outs. Whether you rub you forehead, rest your hands on your cheeks, or frequently itch your face, you are transferring all the dirt and bacteria from your hands to your face! Make a conscious effort to not touch your face and that way, less dirt can fill your pores.


Tip 3: Don't overdo the products

I have a skin care routine, but it only consists of two products: my face wash and my moisturizer. Sometimes, like anything, we can get caught up in all of the trendy, all-natural, interesting products out there and without knowing we start to use 10 products in our skin care regime. The only thing you really need is a good face wash and a good moisturizer. That is the bare minimum though. If you find your skin needs a little more help than that, consider using a toner or exfoliating your skin every other day. But that's pretty much all you need. Everything else is just overkill.  

Tip 4: Treat yourself to a facial/microdermabrasion

I'm not talking about a facial you receive at a spa or a massage place where they layer product after product on your face and massage them into your pores. I'm talking about a facial where the facialist pokes at your face with a love-to-hate sharp tool and gets all of your blackheads out and pimples popped. I would also recommend a microdermabrasion where the lady uses a stick-like device with a rough end and runs it along your skin, making tiny incisions along your face to promote the regrowth of collagen and break apart dead skin. I go to Reflections Dermatogoloy and love the results. You don't need to do this every week. I would suggest treating yourself to a facial/microderm once every other month. It'll be like a detox for your face and leave you feeling and looking rejuvenated!

Tip 5: Drink lots of water

We all know that water re-hydrates our insides, but it also helps to leave our skin looking and feeling hydrated. Drink lots of water if you find you have dry skin more often than not and try sticking to only water throughout the day. If you are someone who wakes up feeling dry after a night out drinking, after sleeping, or in a dryer climate place, drink more water than you think you need cause trust me, you need it!

Tip 6: Sweat

I know you're probably like, doesn't sweat cause breakouts? The answer is that it depends. If you break a sweat in the morning and go about your day running errands forgetting to wash your face, you may get a few pimples. However, if you sweat, and then go home and wash your face, you can avoid that! I swear by breaking a sweat to keep your skin looking youthful because sweating purges the body of toxins, bacteria, dirt, and even alcohol. This is why my favorite way to cure a hangover is working out. Even though it sucks to get up and be active, you feel so much better afterwards.

Make sure it's organic, cold-pressed, and either virgin or extra virgin!

Make sure it's organic, cold-pressed, and either virgin or extra virgin!

Tip 7: Superfoods: Coconut Oil & Collagen

This tip is really just optional, but if you're someone whose skin really needs some revamping, definitely look into these superfoods. I swear by using coconut in your diet, but what a lot of people are shocked to hear is that I sometimes use coconut oil in my skin care routine. Whenever I'm going somewhere where I'm wearing makeup, instead of using my normal Nivea moistrizer, I'll apply oconut oil. I find it goes on a lot lighter and leaves my skin looking a lot more dewy and glowing. Lastly, collagen is awesome at keeping your skin looking youthful, growing your hair, and nails! I add it to smoothies in the powder form, in my oatmeal, or even in my coffee. If you don't wnat to use it in powder form, you can get it as a pill. Make sure it's grass-fed, I use vital proteins!

I want to know your skin care secrets, so let me know in the comments below or on my social media! And also, if you try any of these tips out, let me know if they worked for you or not!