Lost in the Mountains | Aspen, CO

Usually when I create video content, I do it in a vlog style. Whether I'm talking throughout it, or it's just an assemblage of footage, normally it's in a chronological sequence! I wanted to change that up a bit with this mini video to give it more of an adventure feel. This was filmed towards the end of our Aspen trip, so I was pretty beat on this hike and decided to just take it slow and enjoy my surroundings. Yes, this is titled "Lost in the Mountains" because I find it to be a great wanderlust-esque title. However, what you don't see in this video is that Lucas and I ACTUALLY got lost on this hike. Okay, I've been doing this hike at least once every summer for probably the past 5 years, but like I said, I like to take in my surroundings. AKA, I don't really pay attention to the route I just follow my mom or whoever else is hiking with me, oops #IPromiseImAnAdultKindOf. So, basically what happened is that the trail opened up to this wonderful open field filled with lots of dandelions and wildflowers; so naturally, Just Mands had to play around in it. Because I needed someone to film, Lucas stayed back with me while my mom and brothers girlfriend, Jordyn, kept going. Well, by the time we were done filming and wandering around tin the field, my mom and Jordyn were no where to be found. So, Lucas and I were like okay no worries we got this we'll just follow the trail. Way too overconfident. Sure enough, the trail was never ending. Lucas and I found ourselves climbing over ginormous rocks and ducking tree branches that were in our way. It was like a scene from the first Hunger Games. Except under totally different circumstances, of course. Anyways, there was a bridge that Lucas and I were not supposed to cross, which OF COURSE we crossed. Long story short, we made it to the trailhead, but it ended up being the wrong one. Luckily, we found a bus that kindly delivered us to the correct trailhead and we finally were reunited with my mom and Jordyn, lol. It probably wasn't smart though that neither of us brought our phones and couldn't get in touch with my mom. BUT ITS OKAY, because we got much needed grub after a shitshow, I mean *adventure, like that. I mean guys, I got battle scars from this arduous venture.