Picnic Date

One of Lucas and I's favorite things to do together is eat. Okay, I lied. It's probably our *most favorite thing to do together. Whether we're trying out a new hip cafe, hitting up one of our go-to restaurants, or cooking food at home, we're always down for some good grub. Plus, we always make a date of it! Usually when we're getting together for lunch, we'll grab something small from Whole Foods and bring it back to one of our houses, but today I wanted to change it up. Since the rain decided to hold off a bit this afternoon, we had just enough time to pick up some food from Fit Life Foods and go on a little picnic date. In college, I was able to go sit in the park and read, journal, eat, and listen to music a lot because my roommate had an extra tapestry that we would use as a picnic blanket. Now that I'm home, however, I don't have access to the go-to picnic tapestry, so I decided it was time to invest in one of my own! Instead of a tapestry, I wanted to get a more multipurpose blanket. So, I pulled up the Sand Cloud website and picked out this super cute blue one. I decided to go with Sand Cloud's towels/blanket because you can literally use it for anything. Bring it to the beach, wear it as a coverup, use it to keep warm in the winter at a bonfire, or simply bring it to sit on for a picnic like I did! If you're an outdoor date lover like me, I highly suggest investing in a picnic blanket. Plus, Sand Cloud donates 10% of each purchase to organizations that help protect marine life; so buying a towel means your doing a good deed! I even have a discount code for ya cus #collegestudentbudget. Just go to sandcloudtowels.com and use code 'AmandaDiM25' at checkout for 25% off!

Whats in my picnic bag:

Fit Life Foods pre-made meals, Mother Kombucha, Pomegranate seeds, Pretzel sticks (for Lucas), Nut mix (pistachio, cashew, almond), Alter Eco Dark Blackout chocolate, Pandora Jason Mraz radio station, The Book of Questions.