Not So Mellow, Yellow.

I'd like to say that the reason I decided to spend over $100 online shopping a couple weeks ago was because I was in dire need of these clothing items, but in reality, I just wanted more game day clothes. Hey, at least I'm honest with y'all. Although the purchases weren't absolutely necessary, there is one way I can justify it: yellow. Not only is yellow one of my schools colors, but it's also one of my most favorite colors to wear during the Fall season. So, really it was a multipurpose purchase.


Yellow is one of those colors that everyone used to hate because we were 5 and thought it reminded us of pee. But nevertheless, I am here today saying it is one of the most beautiful colors on the spectrum. Why? In my opinion, it radiates the most warming, positive energy. It's spontaneous, fresh, eye-catching, full of vibrance, and just all around reminds me of sunshine and new beginnings. Yellow is also one of those colors that can be worn in almost every season, depending on the tone and shade. For Fall, I personally love a mustard yellow. However, orangey yellow, or even a pale yellow is perfect for the new season. 



Black shirt: Urban Outfitters // Yellow Tank: Romwe // Skirt: Romwe // Boots: Uggs // Glasses: Romwe // Scrunchie: Urban Outfitters

There's the cutest little motel in Boulder at the foot of the Flat Irons, which obviously, is where the motel gets it's name. It reminds me of a little ski village in the 1960s. I have a feeling it's gonna be the perfect little place to escape to with some friends for a night to watch some old movies, eat some junk food, drink some beer, and (sort-of) get away from the stress of school.