Me Day

It’s early in the morning and I am currently sitting on the plane en route to Dallas. I have an hour layover there, before I board another flight and touchdown in Steamboat Springs where my roommate lives! I figured, since I don’t go back to school until next week, I’d fly out to Colorado early and explore, ski, & spend some time in beautiful steamboat. It’s also really boring being the only one of my friends still home in Orlando. Okay, I was only home for about 3 days longer than everyone else, but 3 days feels long when it’s gloomy out, cold, and you have no one but your parents to hangout with. Lol love you mom and dad. Anyways, these past 3 lonesome days I’ve started to feel so unproductive and bored that I decided you know what, let’s make this last day being in Orlando a “me day.” Sure, the last few days have already technically been a “me day” considering I’ve had no one to hangout with, but a “me day” to me means spending quality time with myself & doing things that make me happy. I’ve been keeping up with my healthy habit of the year of doing 3.1 miles every day, but after doing CycleBar yesterday morning, I didn’t want to walk around a boring loop looking at the same things for 45 minutes. Instead, I decided I’d walk down to Park Ave & get in my 3.1 miles that way. It was lovely. Once I got to Park Ave, I walked left towards briarpatch and past the St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church looking at all the eclectic and charming homes. It’s wild how much more you see when you make a conscious effort to look. Sometimes, you don’t even have to leave your frequented town to explore or discover new beauty’s. After some window shopping, I walked back home and decided to take myself out on a movie date. I love taking myself out for coffee or a day in the park/on the beach, however I’d never been on a solo movie date and it was awesome. My families been dying for me to see ‘Wonder’, so that’s what I saw and let me just say, it was adorable! After the movie, my “me day” was sort of interrupted and I picked up my sister from school, stopped by my grandmas house to say goodbye, and packed up my luggage in preparation for my 7 am flight. My parents and I originally planned to try out this new Thai restaurant on Park Ave, but after looking over the menu and going back and forth between that place and a new Italian restaurant, we chose Hillstone. I mean come on, it’s hard to venture out when Hillstone is a minute drive from your house and has the best kale salad and baby back ribs you’ve ever tasted. We sat by the window and had a gorgeous view of the lake. It was quant, calm, and the perfect end to my last day in Orlando! I’m about to take off, so I’ll end the post here. But I just wanted to say happy 2nd semester! I have such high hopes and good vibes about this one, and the new year in general...

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