Crossing Things Off My Bucket List

So, you can probably guess by now that Steamboat Springs has become one of my favorite places on earth. If you ever have the chance to go, do not hesitate. The reason I've been going so often, if you didn't read my last Steamboat post, is because my roommate Mikayla is actually from there! Two weekends ago, her sister had a dance showcase, so Mikayla, my other roommate Hannah, and I decided to drive up for the occasion and support Mik's sister, Natasha! The performance was so entertaining and it was so cute seeing literally like the whole town come out to watch these high schoolers perform; but if I'm being honest, the showcase was just another excuse to go to Steamboat, hehe. Sorry Natasha, the truth came out. Since Steamboat is such a small town, you would think one weekend would be enough to see and do everything. However, this second weekend was completely different to the first time we went to Steamboat. There is, in fact, so much to do and so many places to see that it's literally one giant bucket list, for me at least. It was full of so many firsts and it just makes me appreciate how lucky I am to live in Colorado. It's wild how even driving just an hour out of Boulder the scenery can change from sunny skies and green mountains, to winding roads and snowy mountains. Colorado is seriously a gem. Anyways, instead of doing a weekend rundown like last time, I thought it'd be fun to share with you guys some of the things I got to cross off my bucket list! Like I said, this was a weekend of so many firsts, it made me feel so full of life!

Walking across a frozen lake


Okay y'all, this was one of the coolest experiences ever and it was completely spontaneous; which made it all the more fun! On the way to Steamboat from Boulder, you drive past this incredible lake and as we were cruising along, it was completely frozen over and people were ice fishing! It was absolutely stunning and so, I turned to my roommates proclaiming my desire to one day walk across a frozen lake. I don't know why this sounded like such a dope experience to me, but it did and so when I saw a place to pull over on the highway I did. I mean #yolo, right? We had to hike down a muddy and icy mountain for about 5 minutes to get to the lake but once we did we ice skated (shoe-skated, lol), took photos, and twirled along the ice! I'm not going to lie, I was pretty sketched out. Knowing me, I would be the one to step on the thin ice or slip and fall right through. But luckily, nothing bad happened! I actually felt like I was floating on water; it was such a surreal experience. 



I grew up in Florida and that meant in the summertime, you were in the ocean, on the boat, or on the lake. I would tube, kneeboard, bodysurf, paddle board, and kayak all day long as a kid/teenager if I could. So, it's no surprise that even though my terrain has changed being in Colorado, my love for outdoor activities has not! According to my parents, this was not my first time snowmobiling. I had been one time as a little kid, but I 1) don't remember it and 2) wasn't driving it myself, so I'm counting this as my first time. Like my Florida outdoor activities, I could've snowmobiled all day long. It was SO MUCH FUN. At first, I was a little timid because I'd never drove one of those things, however it didn't take me long to get comfortable. My roommate Mikayla and I were legit going 40 mph up groomed trails, around winding turns, and gunning it over hills to catch some air. My other roommate Hannah stuck to a safe 25 mph, especially after she "love-tapped" a tree and had to have our guide come and help her out, lol! Note to self: next time where goggles unless you want to be crying the entire time due to the wind and cold air, lol.

Petting a reindeer


I remember being in ski school as a kid and they would take us down this one "kiddy trail" that lead to this old looking barn with reindeer out front! Of course, these reindeer where behind a fence so I couldn't really pet them. But when we went snowmobiling this past weekend, the guy that took us out lived on a ranch with a bunch of horses, dogs, miniature ponies, and wait for it- two reindeer!! They were so adorable!



So, just a quick apology to my parents because they saw the video of Mikayla and I drifting on my Instagram and were pretty angry, lol. But the video was actually sped up, we weren't driving that fast!! Anyways, I feel like the only true way to do steamboat like a local is to go drifting. Growing up in Florida, obviously there was no snow to drift on so I had to give it a go up here! Mikayla mainly drove because she's grown up doing it, but I tried it and sort of, kind of got the hang of it. Regardless, it was so much fun. We blasted some Lil Yatchy, rolled the windows down, and let the snow fly everywhere! Safe to say the windows down wasn't the best idea because we were soaked, lol.

Til next time, Steamboat. And to many many more firsts in 2018. 


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