The Ultimate Halloween Movie Guide

Last night I was at a party when a guy came up to my friend and I and asked, “how come I’ve never seen you guys around before?” I leaned closer to his ear so he could here me over the music & proceeded to say, “well, it’s probably because I’m a grandma and go to bed at 9 pm every night.” He laughed and said, “that’s funny.” No, sir it is not funny. It is absolutely entirely true. So this ones for my fellow grandmas. Halloween weekend is just getting started, which, in my opinion, means let the movie marathon commence. Grab some popcorn, candy corn, all the festive corns, and pick a movie below:

(*)= one of my favorites

Hocus Pocus 

Practical Magic

Haunted Mansion*



Scream Queens (TV series)*



It’s A Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown


Scooby Doo

Buffy the vampire slayer (TV series)*

Supernatural (TV series)


Nightmare Before Christmas*