The 3 Denim Brands I'm Obsessed With

I hated jeans in middle school. My muscular thighs laughed at Abercrombie and Fitch double zeros. I hated jeans in high school. Thank God I wore a uniform to school because finding jeans that suited my thigh to butt to waist ratio was a dreadful task. I truly didn’t come to appreciate jeans until college when I moved to Colorado and realized, damn it's cold. Living in Florida allowed me to get away with my distaste for jeans, however living in a state that actually has Fall and Winter has changed that. Now, they’re a staple in my wardrobe. I probably have around 5 pairs in total, but 2-3 pairs that I wear consistently. That’s saying a lot, considering throughout my teenage years not only did I really not like jeans, but I also just had the hardest time finding pairs that fit right. Like I said, I’ve always had muscular thighs, a bigger butt, and a thinner waist. The popular jean brands like Abercrombie, Hollister, and Pacsun never suited me. It wasn’t until I realized that denim is something that needs to be invested in that I found jeans that I loved. Especially if you aren’t the body type that most denim brands target, it’s important to explore all your options and spend a little more. I’ve found most of my favorite brands at department stores and even though they’re almost always over $100, they’re worth it. A quality pair of jeans will last you at least 3 years. If they don’t, then that’s how you know they probably aren’t a quality brand. Since I’ve become a jean lover, I’ve compiled my top 3 favorite brands for jeans. I am OBSESSED with these denim brands and if you try them on, I guarantee you will be, too. Read below to find out why I will always invest in these three denim brands!

Pistola Denim

I discovered Pistola Denim two summers ago at Bloomingdales (for all my west coast gals, that’s a department store on the east coast). When I say that I’ve never found jeans that are both unique and practical, yet fit me so well I am not exaggerating. Not only are all of their products on trend, minimalistic, and chic, but they’re also all true to size, never shrink, and stretch just enough to move around in. Other than the fact that I love their products, I think the main reason Pistola is my favorite brand is because they’re SO affordable. Most of their jeans are either $98 or $108 which is unreal for a good pair of jeans. Products that I’m drooling over right now: these black baby flare pair & these frayed medium wash pair.


I’m sure all of you know or have seen BDG jeans in Urban Outfitters. If you haven’t, come out from underneath that rock of yours and try a pair of these on! I love this brand because they’re basic, practical, and the most flexible denim that I’ve ever found. What I mean by flexible is that they stretch with you, move with you, and fit whether you’re a little bloated from a good ass dinner, or not. I know it sounds crazy that I pick my favorite brand of jeans depending on if their products have breathing room for my food baby, but it could not be more true. I mean let’s be real, if I’m wearing a pair of jeans out to brunch with the girls, or dinner with a dude, I want to wear a pair that I don’t have to unzip after one too many sweet potato fries. BDG is a bit cheaper than Pistola too, so the price is also one of the reasons I love them. Favorite products currently: olive corduroy, wide leg white and denim pair, white cropped flare pair (on sale for $40!!!)


We love a good investment. And that is exactly what Rag and Bone is. I know they’re on the more expensive side, but if you’re looking for a staple pair of jeans that will last you more than a few years, I highly suggest investing in a pair from Rag and Bone. They are the right amount of snug mixed with the perfect amount of stretch. They’re also fucking gorgeous. ‘Nuff said. Products I wouldn’t mind if you bought and shipped to my house: classic skinny, gray-ish cropped boot, striped cropped, sleek high rise black.

You can go wrong when it comes to buying jeans, but you can’t go wrong with buying from these brands. If you’re on the hunt for some new denim, try one these brands and let me know how you like them!