How to Stay Healthy While on Vacation/Holiday

There’s this huge misconception that eating well over the Holidays is impossible. While it might be hard, it is certainly not impossible. The Holidays and vacation are about enjoying yourself, which for me has always meant enjoying the speciality food that comes with this time of year. However, it’s also about so much more than that; enjoying family, friends, and the time off from school or work. I personally eat well and exercise often because that makes me feel my best. It makes me happy and when I eat poorly and don’t exercise, I feel poorly. I know that when I feel this way, it weighs on me mentally, and I’m not able to fully focus on family and friends and enjoy myself. I choose to eat well and stay healthy even when I’m on break, vacation, or holiday because I am so much happier! If you love to eat well, but struggle to do so during vacation, or are just starting to live a healthier lifestyle and feel intimidated by the holidays, read below to find out my top tips on how you can stay healthy, too!


The first thing you need to do is understand why you want to eat healthy. Does it make you feel good mentally? Are you working towards physical goals? Are you trying to live a more whole and healthy lifestyle? Whatever it may be, figure out why you want to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle while on holiday and vacation. Understanding the “why” will help you stick to the “how.”


Sometimes we get so excited for breaks and holidays because it means we get to treat ourselves and stray away from our “normal diet.” This all or nothing mentality is so common, but also so toxic! It’s the very reason that people become yo-yo dieters, instead of developing a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. The holidays don’t have to be an excuse for straying away from eating what makes you feel good! If you tell yourself that the way you normally eat makes you feel good, you’ll want to continue eating that way. I like to keep my meals clean so that I have room to incorporate those holiday indulgences! For example, I’ll eat an egg and spinach omelet for breakfast, salad with lean meat or avocado for lunch, and a lean meat with veggies for dinner. If I want to indulge in a slice of dessert, or wine at dinner, I can afford to because my meals were balanced and nutrient dense.


If you live a healthy lifestyle, you probably don’t indulge in sugar often. However, you only live once and if you’re going to indulge, the holidays/vacation is the time to do so! The key to this though, is not to overindulge. If you want a piece of chocolate, have a piece, savor the taste, and be done. If you want wine, have 2 glasses and be done. There’s no need to go overboard. Enjoy the treats, don’t abuse them!


I love filling my plate with veggies before anything else. Bulking up on voluminous, low calorie foods allows you to feel fuller without overeating (because overeating is easy to do during the holidays, lol). That way, you’ll be too full to go overboard on the not-so-healthy dishes or desserts.


I know this might be hard over the holidays, however eliminating snacking is a good way to not eat an excessive amount of calories. Meals are usually big and calorie-dense on vacation/during the holidays, so avoiding snacking between them will allow you to actually be hungry enough to eat them. If you want something between meals, I love having some hot tea and maybe adding a splash of sugar-free almond milk!


If you’re going to indulge, make sure it’s good stuff! What I mean by that is drink good wine, eat quality steak, and homemade unprocessed desserts. I know when I indulge in lots of sugar, alcohol or gluten/dairy, I feel 100 times better if it’s quality food/alcohol. The key is to find ways to enjoy yourself without making yourself feel like crap!


Hike, explore the city on foot, utilize the hotel gym, do a fun workout with family/friends. There are so many ways to be active other than going to the gym for 45 minutes or going on a long run. Doing a fun activity with family or friends, while burning some calories and getting your heart rate up is a win-win!


Even though I just gave you a bunch of tips on how to stay healthy on vacations and holiday’s, it’s okay if you don’t. It’s hard, and sometimes you may not have access to healthy food or the ability to go for a hike. That’s okay. Vacations and holidays don’t last forever. If you fall off track, it’s not a big deal. You cannot gain weight overnight. You will not mess up all of your hard work. Take a deep breath, enjoy yourself, and live your life. It’s too short to beat yourself up over eating one too many pieces of dessert or having one too many drinks with friends. You will be able to get back to your routine soon enough.

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow Americans! I’m thankful for my friends, family, avocados, and fireplaces; because it’s getting chilly in Colorado and avo’s are bae. Enjoy yourselves this week!!!!!!