Coconut Vanilla Collagen Ballz

I have some balls. They're not very big, but they're really yummy. You can eat them for breakfast, as a snack, or if you're feelin' frisky, have em' for dessert ;). Omg. Get your heads out of the gutter, I'm talking about protein balls, guys. Delicious Coconut Vanilla Collagen protein balls. And I have the recipe for you.

Honestly, you are all perverts.

Okay okay, on a serious note; these guys are sooo awesome to have on hand! I'm one of those people that's a random snacker. What I mean by random is that I don't snack everyday because I usually eat enough at each meal. So when I do, it's usually a sudden burst of hunger that I am totally unprepared for. One of those "I thought I wouldn't get hungry until lunch" kinda moments. Now I know not everyone has an insanely sensitive stomach and has to be careful of what they put in it, but I do and I've noticed that snacks can sneak up on me. Protein bars, granola bars, and packaged snacks have a history of wrecking havoc on my tummy. Even bars made with real ingredients like Rx Bars or healthy popcorn don't sit well with me. An apple or banana is usually my go-to, but sometimes I need more than that to hold me over. Having something homemade that's packed with protein, healthy fats, and carbs is so convenient! Not to mention, they're dank. You can totally sub something in or out to tailor it to your liking. Also, totally play around with the measurements, it all depends on how many balls you want.... in your mouth. Okay I'm sorry, that was very crude of me to say, but I had to. I'm tasteless! But I mean c'mon, I set myself up too nicely for that one. 



-1 cup oats

-3 tablespoons hemp seeds

-1 handful of walnuts

-1 scoop of Coconut Vanilla Collagen powder

-1/4 cup shredded coconut 

-1 tablespoon of melted coconut oil

-3 tablespoons cashew butter

-1/4 cup cacao nibs

-generous amount of cinnamon powder

-dash or two of ginger powder

HOW TO: Combine the oats, hemp seeds, walnuts, collagen powder, shredded coconut, & melted coconut oil in a blender and then blend until it's ground up. It shouldn't be as fine as flour, but make sure it's not too chunky! Add the cashew butter, cinnamon, and ginger to the mixture and pulse in blender. Once it resembles a dough-like texture, pour it into a mixing bowl, add in cacao nibs, knead with your hands, and roll into bite sized balls! Stick them in the freezer and wait until they harden a bit, or eat a few as is and freeze the rest for later!
*PSA, this probably would've been a lot easier to do with a food processor, but I don't have one and my nutribullet worked just fine!