Chair Diaries: Paint Mines Interpretive Park

Welcome to the first ever post of a new series I'm doing on here; introducing: the Chair Diaries! If you've followed my blog or social media for a while now, you know I have a huge passion for traveling and a love (more like a need) for spontaneous adventures! I'm that friend that will drive anywhere, for however long, just to see something new and beautiful. You might be wondering, "why is this called the chair diaries... that's kind of random?" Well, my friends, let me introduce you to my new best friend, my $20 lawn chair purchased from the holy land, aka McGuckins. Since the weather in Boulder has been insanely gorgeous recently and we don't have a front porch to enjoy it on, my roommate Hannah and I decided to invest in some lawn chairs. It's safe to say, obsessed is an understatement. We are attached to these chairs, and have made a promise to bring them along every adventure we go on. Thus, I bring you the Chair Diaries. A travel diary documented through our lawn chairs. BTW, we are currently taking name suggestions for them; something original, something badass because they don't deserve anything less. 

So, the Paint Mines are about two hours away from Boulder in a little town called Calhan, CO. Pretty much bumf*ck nowhere. We drove through endless fields, one lane roads, and other tiny towns to get there and honestly, the road trip is always my favorite part of the adventure. I had to stop and get gas along the way, so we stopped in a town called Black Forest (population 13,000). My brother always said, "never eat food from a restaurant connected to a gas station," but he's never been to Black Forest, CO. If you ever find yourself there, get yourself some BBQ at FireHouse barbecue. Did not disappoint. When we finally got to the Paint Mines, I realized that I had forgotten my hiking boots that I thoughtfully laid out in the living room to bring. I wish I could say this is the first time I've had to hike in bootie heels, but it's sadly not. When will I learn? 

I don't think I've ever seen anything like the Paint Mines. I kid you not, it felt like we were on Mars. This park of geological formations dates as far back as 9,000 years ago. It used to be where Native Americans would come and collect clay for pottery, and according to the old man working at the Antique store we stopped at on the way home, until about 6 years ago it used to be where teenagers would go and drink in the middle of the night. But now, it's an Interpretive Park where people can walk around, climb through, explore, and hike around. The colors are insane too, ranging from white to gray, to pink and orange. This place is a wonder, you guys. You'll have to see it for yourself, but for now check out the photos below! 


Top: Free People // Jeans: BDG (Urban Outfitters) // Booties: Steve Madden // Sunglasses: Quay