Boulder City Guide: Eats

Good evening, lovely people. I hope everyone had a fabulous Monday! This morning was one of the strangest mornings weather wise that I've experienced here in Boulder so far. I woke up around 7 am to rain outside my window. I figured, what perfect weather to finish watching the movie I started last night! That being my plan, I went to the kitchen, made myself some warm lemon water, and pressed play on Eat Pray Love. After drinking my lemon water, a much needed coffee was in order. I returned to the kitchen, brewed a cup, and crawled back into bed, only to realize that the rain had transitioned into a full on dumping of snow. Rain is sort of a good enough reason to stay in bed a little longer, however snow, in my book, is a full on excuse to not leave the house. All day. With every intention to stay in bed for as long as I could, I cuddled into my blankets, sipped on my coffee, and sank deeper into my cozy pillows. When the movie was over, I suddenly noticed the sound of birds chirping and to my surprise, outside my window was the full blown sun. I'm not even joking, clear blue skies. I walked into the kitchen to put my coffee in the sink and noticed that the snow that was once piling on top of my car had vanished, while the grass that was once coated with white fluff was full on green. It had gone from rain, to snow, to sunny skies within the hour and it made me realize, Boulder is definitely a woman. The only other being I've known to change their mind that much in such a short amount of time is a woman trying to decide on a place to eat during their time of the month. #MotherNatureAtHerFinest.

Anywho, I feel like this post is a long time coming. It's no secret that I live in one of the most special places in the U.S.. Boulder was voted America's most happy city for cryin' out loud; so don't take it from me, take it from America!!! I know a lot of people see my photos of Boulder on Instagram, and if you don't (shameless self-promo: @mandadimarco), so I decided it's finally time to go beyond the photos and give y'all the inside scoop. This post is going to be part of a series called "Boulder City Guide," because I feel like each thing that Boulder has to offer deserves its own post. Obviously, food is bae, so I'm starting this series off with the best EATS in Boulder. Definitely keep an eye out for more on the best outdoor activities, places to take photos, things to do, etc.!! 

If you ever find yourself in Boulder and want to try some dank city food, give these a try!!


Boxcar, Alpine Modern, WonderPress, Ozo Coffee, Laughing Goat, Brewing Market Company.

WHAT THE LOCALS SAY: Peanut butter cup latte from The Unseen Bean, Dandy Coffee or Golden Mylk Latte from Wonder Press.


The Buff, Snooze, Alpine Modern, Lucilles, Zeal, Boulder Teahouse, Walnut Cafe, Woodgrain Bagels, Peachy's, Cafe Aion.

WHAT THE LOCALS SAY: Snooze for their blueberry danish pancakes, The Buff for the matterhorn skillet, Tangerine for brunch.  


Zeal, Modern Market, Foolish Craig's, Organic Sandwich Company, Fresh Thymes, The Corner.

WHAT THE LOCALS SAY: Lindsey's Boulder Deli for the That's What She Said Sandwich, burrito bowls from Illegal Pete's, Audrey Jane's Pizza Garage for meatball subs, Motomaki for sushi burrito's (so bomb).


Pizzeria Locale, Japango, Rio Grande, Hapa Sushi, The Kitchen, Salt, Pasta Jay's, The Med, The Sink, Bar Taco, Oak at 14th.

WHAT THE LOCALS SAY: Boss Lady Pizza for the grilled chicken pesto pizza, Eureka for Mac n cheese balls, Tahona Tequila Bistro for tacos, The Kitchen for the best tomato soup, the gnocchi at Riffs. 


Fior di Latte, Le Pops, Boulder Baked.

WHAT THE LOCALS SAY: Le Pops has the best hot chocolate (they roast a marshmallow in front of you & toss it into your drink), Fior di Latte has the best homemade vegan gelato (they also have vegan milkshakes)!