Wynwood Walls, Miami

This past week was my Spring Break and since I'm from Orlando, I thought it would be fun to bring a few friends back to the old stomping grounds & spend the week in Florida! The first half of the week we stayed at my condo in the Daytona Beach area doing alllll of the things! We got our tan on, swam in the chilly ocean, drank wine & listened to music on the balcony, sang karaoke at my favorite restaurant since forever, Jerry's, and spent the nights warming up in the hot tub, looking at the stars, and watching all the classic movies such as the Last Song and How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days! On Wednesday, we said goodbye to Daytona, loaded up the car, and drove 4 hours down to Miami beach where we spent the last few days of break. It was such a cool experience getting to see Miami; the only time I've ever been was for one of my Dad's golf tournaments when I was really little! We stayed at a hotel in South Beach and continued to soak up the sun and the warmth for the next few days. Our afternoons consisted of laying on the beach, meeting up with some of my friend's friends that go to University of Miami, walking up and down ocean drive in search of the best happy hour specials, and exploring the other areas of the city! Although I really enjoyed South Beach, I have to say my favorite part of Miami is Wynwood. On Thursday, we visited the infamous Wynwood Walls & got to take really cool photos for Instagram. Because I mean, c'mon, more than half the reason people go is to get an uber Insta-worthy photo. Let's just admit it, we're all products of our time period. I'm only (half) kidding though, the art was unreal! What I thought was so cool about it was that it had this street art/graffiti feel to it since you're basically walking through a courtyard of walls that are just completely covered with these colorful and intricate works of art! Even if you're not "an art person" I still suggest visiting the Walls if you find yourself in Miami. There are also really yummy taco joints and cafes in the area, so if the art didn't peak your interest, I'm sure the food will. Like I said, part of the experience is getting to take photos of the dope art, so keep scrolling to check it all out! P.S. I unfortunately didn't get the names of the artists whose works I took photos of, so if you click here it'll direct you to the website and you can find all of the artists there! :)


Special Shoutout to all of these gals for making this an incredible, fun, eventful (lol), & unforgettable Spring Break! #509Forever ;).