Glowed Up Nut Butter & Nana Toast


It's no secret that brekkie is my favorite; always has been & always will be #loyal. As of lately though, I've been giving my go-to oatmeal a break and trying to switch things up. Peanut butter and toast used to be my OG breakfast back in high school, so I thought I'd give it another go. Although, I guess you can call this the "glowed up peanut butter and banana toast" because 1) I don't even use peanut butter (only because I prefer the taste of other nut butters), 2) I've stepped up my toppings game, and 3) You betcha sweet ass will be glowing after eating this toast!!


-2 slices Ezekiel Toast

-2 tablespoons cashew butter

(I prefer the taste and it doesn't upset my tummy, but use whatever nut butter you want!)

-Half of a banana

-Sprinkle of hemp seeds

-Sprinkle of bee pollen

-Dash of cinnamon + nutmeg

Dank City bish!!!! You're welcome.