Chair Diaries: Moab, Utah

This post is lonnnnng overdo, and while I can explain why, I want to save that for an entirely different post. This May, I decided that I love school SO much that I was going to take a Maymester class which required me to be in a classroom for 3 hours Monday-Friday for 3 weeks straight. Just kidding, since I did the whole art school thing my first year of college, I'm a tad behind and ya girl is not tryna graduate hella late so, #gottagrind. Although I was in Boulder a month longer than most students, it gave me the opportunity to do what I love to do: go on adventures and explore! My roommate, Hannah, who you have totally seen before because she's all over my insta, and I made a bucket list of all of the places we wanted to road trip to and Moab, Utah was at the top of our list! Luckily, my good friend Nicole and her friend from home tagged along because they had the tent. And they assembled the tent before Hannah, Maggie, and I even got to the campsite... #goodtiming. We stayed at the Slickrock Campground and let me tell you, this was an experience. I've been camping before, but not like this. Our campsite had a pool with TWO hot tubs and a convenience store. So, we were pretty much livin' large. Once you got past the sus insects floating in the hot tub or the cottonwood that blew in the wind and got on all of your clothes, objects, and in your car, it really :) wasn't :) all :) that :) bad. Pro tip: If you've never been camping before, do yourself a favor and purchase a portable mini fan. It makes sleeping on the ground in a 6 person tent a little bit easier. So does hard apple ciders, though. So, buy a fan, grab some beer, and you'll be just fine. 

On Thursday Hannah, Maggie, and I drove to Moab from Boulder at 5 am and explored Arches National Park a bit. I have never seen anything like it! It's crazy how the terrain and mountains change once you drive out of Colorado and into Moab. Green changes to Orange, and 80 degrees climbs to 90 :-). Walking around over the rocks, and under the arches felt like you were exploring planet Mars. We drove from arch to arch and look out to look out all afternoon. Before we headed back to the campsite to meet Nicole and her friend, the three of us decided to hike to Delicate Arch (which is the most famous one). It was definitely worth the hour hike.  


The second day we hit Canyonlands and I'm not going to lie, I wasn't as impressed. Okay, I shouldn't say that because Canyonlands was so breathtaking, but Arches was so cool because the huge rocks and arches towered over you. At Canyonlands, it didn't matter what lookout you went to, it all pretty much looked the same. I mean... how different can canyons look? So, after the first couple of lookouts I was kind of like okay, I get it. Don't get me wrong, it's worth going to and looking around. However, you don't need to set aside a whole day to explore it! 


The last night of our trip, we drove to Arches with our good ole' lawn chairs and watched the sunset, listened to music, and took in the last bit of the Arches beauty! Here are some miscellaneous gems I thought were worth sharing.