What I Eat While Traveling

Summer is my favorite because it usually means I get to travel quite a bit. If you know me, you know that I basically grew up on the road, so traveling is like second nature to me. It’s when I feel the most myself and it makes me so happy! The only thing that can feel a bit overwhelming or worrisome, I’ve found, is staying on track with not only clean eating, but also dietary restrictions while traveling.  One of the best things about traveling to a different state, city, or even country is getting to try all of the different food that’s unique to each culture. I consider myself a healthy person, but traveling/vacation is definitely a time where I don’t limit myself from indulgences. On a day to day basis, I typically stay away from gluten & dairy because my body reacts poorly to them. Although, when I’m traveling I want to enjoy myself because #LifesTooShort, so I’ll usually never turn down a good pasta dish or a dairy dessert. Even though I’m not super strict on avoiding those things while traveling, I’ll still try my best to not eat them or eat them in small amounts. Finding things you can eat out while having dietary restrictions can be annoying, I know. But it can feel even more impossible when traveling because you’re often eating on the go, opting for things that are convenient and easy to bring on the road. In today’s post, I’ll show you how I make it easy to travel if you have dietary restrictions or are trying to eat “clean”.

This week, my family and I are taking a short trip to NYC and I felt this would be the perfect time for me to write this post so I can kind of just take you guys along with me! So here we go:

 Monday morning flying to NYC:

breakfast on the go- I stopped at the Starbucks in the airport & picked up a container of strawberries, the plain oatmeal, & a hot coffee w/ almond milk! 

Tip #1:  Keep it simple. When I’m ordering food from a quick shop like Starbucks, I don’t like to get too fancy with my order. I think about “okay, what do i need to fuel me”, instead of “what sounds good and yummy”. Because honestly, i love food; nut butter toast or a good smoothie bowl is my favorite. But when your traveling and you aren’t guaranteed fresh, good quality food you gotta keep it simple. I opt for a hot coffee with almond milk, instead of a sugary iced drink. For my brekkie, I chose the plain oatmeal topped with dried fruit & shaved almonds, and a side of strawberries. This is something that I know will keep me full, because it has carbs, healthy fats, & protein. However, it’s not something that’s going to make me lethargic, bloated, or spike my sugar levels because that’s the last thing you want when traveling. 


Snack: banana  

Tip #2: When snacking, opt for something that’s not processed with few ingredients. Bananas are perfect because they’re light, but filling & it’s as Whole Foods as a snack can get. If I can’t find fruit, I’ll either go for nuts, boom chicka pop popcorn, or some type of minimally processed bar like larabar, or Rx. When picking a snack, always looking the sugar content/added sugars & go for the one with the least sugar and fewest ingredients.


Lunch: Vegan Kale Ceaser Salad

Tip #3: Keep it light. I like to keep my meals light when I’m traveling because I never want to feel super full or bloated if I’m about to walk around the city, shop, or explore a town. It also allows me to save room for more indulgent treats later hehe.  


Treat : Packaged baked s’mores good.

We were left treats in our hotel room a “sweet” option which was a baked s’mores good, and a “savory” option, which was like a bread crisp with some Cajun spices, so I had a piece of each! It was so delicious. They probably contained gluten & dairy, but like I said, when I’m traveling I’m not strict! Plus, a little bit of each doesn’t usually mess with my body. 


Snack: Beet Salad

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to customize your meal! We spent the afternoon walking around a bit & getting our hair done at DryBar! Since all I had for lunch was a kale salad, I was quite hungry around 5:45-6 pm. I decided that because were getting dinner at 8:15, I’ll order something light from the room service menu at our hotel. They didn’t have many light options that were dairy-free or gluten free, so I went for a beet salad & asked for the horseradish cream to be replaced with lemon vinaigrette!


Dinner: Vegan tapas

Tip #5: Share! We went to XYST for dinner, Vegan Chef Matthew Kenney's restaurant, and it was so delicious! We decided on the truffle “cheese” crostini, cashew halloumi, grilled eggplant, green pea + fava falafel, smoked hummus, & finished it all off with a chocolate cake & gelato! It’s all vegan, but not all gluten free. Honestly, I love doing tapas like this instead of having a big dinner with big entrees because you get to try a bunch of different things without feeling super full afterward. Also, since everything was vegan & most of our food was vegetables, it didn't make us feel that gross, lethargic post-dinner feeling! Sharing allows you to try a variety of things with a smaller chance of overeating.


I hope this helps you feel a bit less worrisome when it comes to "staying on track" while traveling. Where are you guys traveling to this summer?