Road Trip Rules


1. Get an early start. Watching the sunrise outside the window of your car and listening to your favorite tunes is a highly underrated moment. 

2. Coffee, because, coffee.


3. Look around. This earth is so bountiful and you'll miss it's beauty if your eyes are buried into your phone.

4. Always carry cash. If you're driving through BFE, chances of any store taking cash over card is high. 

5. Roll the windows down. Feel the air on your skin.


6. If you drive through a town and see an antique store, stop the car and go in. This is where the cash will come in handy. 

7. Talk. I know early starts can make it easy to sleep in the car, but don't forget the road trip can be just as memorable, if not more, as the destination. Make conversation and laugh along the way.


8. If you get hungry, look for a local spot. I've had amazing pulled barbecue chicken from a place that was attached to a gas station in a town of less than 10,000 people. I also stumbled upon a bomb salad and truffle fries in Lyons, CO at a local restaurant with my friend. Be brave, try new things!

9. Sing as loud as you can to every song.

10. Take photos and videos. I know I said look around and get off your phone, but I love looking back on pictures of pretty skies and open roads and little videos of my friends sticking their heads out the windows, lol. Technology is rad because it allows us to relive the small moments of road trips and other experiences like this. I also love bringing a disposable camera along on road trips. It's fun having to just snap a photo of a moment and hope for the best!


Go out and explore. See beyond what's in your everyday view. The world has so much to offer and it's out there waiting to be seen by you. And don't forget to cherish the moments along the way to the destination.