Dad shirts- it's a trend.

I've been making my Dad's big t-shirts cool since 1998. Seriously, you should see my closet. The amount of oversized t-shirts that overflow from my shelves is absurd. I'm a big-tshirt-to-bed kinda gal, so majority of his old t-shirts I just use for PJ purposes. However, I was scanning my closet the other day and was like you know what? Let's give a whole new meaning to "Dad Bods." So, I did and paired it with a feminine slip dress to girl it up. Listen, guys, sometimes women's clothing just gets old. And I swear, designers make men's t-shirts way more comfortable than women's (which is a completely different problem that needs to be addressed and fixed!!).


I'm going to admit it, I have a phobia of outfit repeating. I know, I'm a snob, whatever. I just feel like if I'm repeating outfits I'm not getting creative enough with my closet. So, ladies; fear not. If you're ever bored with your wardrobe, just go raid your Dad's! 


Hat: h&m // T-shirt: Lucky Brand best brand for Dad t-shirts (couldn't find exact, so here are other music graphic tees) // Slip dress: old (similar here & here) // Boots: Urban Outfitters

Honestly, this outfit was one that I had to ask my mom and sister if it was cool or not because I couldn't tell. I noted how comfortable it was and made the executive decision that yes, it was indeed cool and I was going to wear it regardless of what people thought. Hey, if you're confident, no one can say shiz. So, go be confident and comfortable in one of your Dad's old t-shirts gals!