July Favorites

I'm a planner who loves a good routine; so if I'm not traveling, I can feel a bit aimless in the Summer. I'M MAKING AN EFFORT TO GET BETTER AT THIS THOUGH! Trying to be more present, chill out, & enjoy the summer months! Here are a few things I'm loving this July:

to do

-swing by the farmers market

-practice yoga


-go for morning or evening walks 

-be outside as much as I can

-walk to a local coffee shop to get work done

to wear

-sun dresses (my picks this this & this cheaper option)

-flared jeans (this & this)

-tees (this or this)

-headscarfs (this or that)

-fun sneakers (this or these)

to read

-new morning mercies by david paul tripp

-lover eternal by J.R. Ward

-the wild woman's guide to traveling the world by Kristen Rockaway


to eat

-avocados in smoothies

-kale in salads

-chia pudding

-kalamata olives in salads or as a side

-vegan/gf dark chocolate as a dessert

to listen to 

-well fed woman's podcasts

-anything billie eilish

-anything khalid

-tequilawine by olivia obrien

-in my miNd by maty noyes

to enjoy

-herbal tea

-running trails

-magnolia dinnerware

-teeccino coffee

-sleeping in

-moscow mules

-doing outdoorsy activities with friends