How The Body Changes- A Photo Study

I'm taking an Image class this August and one of our assignments is to create a series of imagery that contrasts (ex. sin vs. sanctuary, alive vs. dead, natural vs. manmade), but have a cohesive theme. I decided to play around with the idea of how bodies change. 

I think everyone realizes the truth of the matter, as you get older, your body changes. Your skin gets thinner, saggier, wrinklier. Your shape, size, and structure shifts and settles into your new age. However, I think people forget that not only do our bodies change over the years, but they also change on a day to day basis. In a matter of minutes, really. Every day, I wake up with a leaner stomach than the one I went to bed with. The structure of my face changes depending on whether I decide to wear my hair up or down. My tummy rolls are more prominent if I sit slouched over as opposed to sitting straight. My appearance is altered every time I apply makeup. Our bodies are always shifting, transforming, adapting, evolving, changing. And for some reason, we don't want to see it?

We hide our tummy rolls with high waisted jeans. We cover our hormonal blemishes with concealer. We sit as straight as an arrow in a bathing suit because God forbid we have a little muffin top or the cellulite dappled amongst our thighs is seen. Why have we believed that there are only so many "good angles" for so long? Why can't every angle be beautiful and sexy and womanly? Because honestly, there's nothing more womanly than the cellulite that wraps around our thighs, letting our bodies know that it can function properly because its not starving, and the blemishes that kiss our faces when our body is preparing to create a safe environment for an egg to fertilize, so one day, we can bring children into this world.

FUCK THAT. Our bodies are BODIES! NOT some perfectly curated object to please people's eyes!!!!!!!! Bodies are meant to function, to evolve, to create, to move, to shift, to expand, to roll, and to change. So, why don't we embrace that and better yet, love that? 

I wanted to put that idea into action with this photo study of my own body. I wanted to see how my body changed depending on whether I sat straight or slouched, sucked in or pushed out, wore high waisted jeans or low rise, and wore my hair up or took it down. What I realized is I rarely see my body at all of these angles. I'm just as guilty of only showing the "flattering" angles. But you know what? After looking at these polaroids, I realized I LOVE my body. At all of it's angles. Yeah, my tummy rolls and protrudes after a meal, but my body gets me to where I need to go, allows me to do the things I do, and my body is HEALTHY. The body changes year to year, day to day, and minute to minute, and that is fucking beautiful if you ask me.