Kewl Gals Doin' Kewl Things- Ally Rae Apparell


There's nothing I love more than a kewl gal who does kewl things. Okay, I take that back. The one thing I love more than that is a kewl gal who does kewl things by #SIDEHUSTLIN’. Oh, and avocados; I really love avocados. Sorry, I digress! I’m hungry.

Meet the beautiful Ally Peeples. Ally is a full time student at the University of Georgia and is a member of the UGA dance team. Her and I grew up going to school together, so it's especially awesome to see her killin' it and doing things with her creative skills. Seriously, she's been talented since the moment I met her. Painting, dancing, drawing; you name it. In true boss babe style, she decided to turn her HOBBY and PASSION into a PROFIT. #SIDEHUSTLE. #ILOVEAPASSIONATEBOSSBABE. #THATWASALONGHASHTAG. Her instagram account @allyraeapparell is where her painted denim brand exists, and you can inquire about customized denim jackets, jeans, shorts, and more! Be it game days or every day events, she's got you covered for all your painted denim needs. Read her interview with me below to find out more!


Q: What inspired you to start Ally Rae Apparel?

A: Growing up I have always loved all things creative (dance, fashion, painting, drawing, ect). As I approached college I felt a lot of pressure to pick only one of these areas to focus on. In addition, I spent a lot of freshman year of college trying to fit in and be someone I was not in the way that I behaved and dressed. Ally Rae Apparel  started as a way to reclaim my identity through my clothes while also exploring multiple different creative platforms at once. I also really enjoy the idea of recycling old clothes and giving them new life.

Q: What is the aesthetic or style of your brand? Or is it totally customizable and dependent on the customers personal style?

A: My brand is all about showing your own personal identity through what you wear so I can customize any piece to the customer’s liking. A lot of customers have a lot of fun coming up with ideas and being involved in the process.


Q: What demographic is your brand/instagram account targeted too?

A: I would say my brand is targeted towards young adults who celebrate people’s differences and aren’t afraid to be themselves. 

Q: Tell us more about Ally Rae Apparel and how it works.

A: Right now I do all of my selling through my instagram account, though I am thinking about making a website soon. Interested customers can direct message me and tell me their ideas for what they want. From there I’ll get to work trying to find a thrifted piece that fits the style that they described. As soon as I find one I get to work on painting. The whole process takes around a month or two because I am the only one who paints the jackets and I do have to find each piece individually. 


Q: I must get a pair, where can people find you on social media?

A: You can find me on instagram @allyraeapparel


Big thank you to Ally for being featured in this post. Go give her a follow and grab yourself your own painted denim!!