How to Look Bomb on a Budget

One of the most frustrating things is looking in your closet and having nothing to wear; or should I say, having nothing you want to wear. But the MOST frustrating thing is having nothing to wear and not having enough money in your bank account to fix that problem. Why we can't all be paid instagram models or Kylie Jenner with a cosmetic mogul is beyond me. The fact of the matter is that most of us college gals are either making do with what we've got or straight BALLIN' on a budget.

I'm going to go right ahead and say it: I have a fear of outfit repeating. CALL ME A SNOB. I DonT CAre. I just do. I feel lazy and uninspired and like an uncreative bag of poop emojis if I wear the same thing too often. So, being a college gal with a fashion obsession and a huge fear of you-know-what (I can't even say it #dramaqueen), naturally I figured out a few ways around my financial reality to meet my consumerist needs. This, my friends, is how I look bomb on a budget.

Sell your shiz, & buy new shiz

Sometimes I forget about places like Plato's Closet, Buffalo Exchange, and apps like Depop that make selling your unwanted clothes so easy. If you haven't heard of these places, check em out. Whenever I'm itching for a wardrobe overhaul, I'll go through my closet, put whatever I'm tired of in a bag, drive to one of said places above, and never look back. Usually, they'll sort through what they want to buy from you, and within an hour, you'll walk away with a little do-re-mi and spend it on that new new. If you'd rather use an app and have the option of selling your things and shipping them to people in other states, Depop is great for that!

Buy mostly staples & funky sparingly

I'll be honest, I'm guilty of seeing a really dope dress or an awesome pair of funky pants, only to have them hang in my closet for a year with the tag still on. Actually, that's a lie. I take the tag off and then, when I realize I never wore it, I can't return it because I can't find the tag. And I'm giving you guys advice on how to shop better? This is why I've realized the beauty in staple shopping. My biggest tip is to buy 3 staples of every type of clothing. One gray shirt, one white shirt, one black shirt. One pair of black jeans, one pair of denim, and one pair of white. You get the gist. That way, when you do come across that really rockin' pair of pants, you have a simple black top to pair it with. Fill your closet with staples first, and shop funky on occasion. This is also how you can avoid outfit repeating. Instead of pairing the fun bottoms with the same black shirt you did in the past, pair it with a gray one!

Don't sleep on Target

90% of the outfits or clothing items I get complimented on are Targét bayybayyyy. Listen, we'd all love to be able to walk into Free People, Madewell, or Anthropologie and not head directly to the sale section, but that's just not realistic. Target is really awesome because it usually is spot on with the trends you'll find in the more higher-end retail stores, just a lot less expensive. Before you say #treatyoself and drive to the mall, hit up your local target and see what they've got cookin'. It's either a hit or miss I'm not gonna lie, but when it's a hit, it's. a. HIT.

Own that sale section

Even though sale sections get a bad rep in the fashion world, do NOT be afraid or ashamed of walking straight towards the red sale sign in the back of the store. OWN the back of that store B. WORK that discounted price. You think I walk into Urban Outfitters, pick up a graphic t-shirt that's $45 and say, "well that sounds reasonable."?? FRICK no. Don't let big brands trick you into thinking their clothes are worth more than they are. If you see something you like, wait until it's on sale. Because let me tell ya, NO graphic tee is worth $45. Some bulshiet.

Thrift shopping is more than a trendy activity

I don't know about you, but when I was in high school, my friends and I would go thrift shopping as our big Saturday plan. While shopping is a normal way to spend your weekend, going "thrifting" because it's kewl & #artsy is so dumb. Go to thrift stores with intention. Because truthfully, if your spending money on clothes you're never going to wear at a thrift store (even if it's $8), you just stole from a girl who could've really loved the shiz outta that same piece of clothing. And the difference is she might've really needed it. 

Online shop vs. In person shop

Amazon Prime dat hooooooooo3333333 lulz. No, but really. Watch this. You like this black button down midi dress from Reformation that's almost $200? Cool, get basically the same thing on Amazon for $20. Online shopping is usually always the better way to shop when you know what style you want because you can always find a lower price.

Yes, one day we all wish to be Blair Waldorf or Serena Vanderwoodsen and walk into Barnies oozing money to spend on the hottest trends; but until then, take my advice and use it to look bomb on a budget.