Nobody Gives a Fuck

I think it's funny how easy it is to forget that people don't actually give a fuck about you. It's easy to not wear something because we're afraid of getting weird looks. It's easy to stay quiet in class because we're scared someone might make fun of something we said or degrade our opinions. It's easy to not do the things we love to do because we're so disgustingly concerned with what others are going to think about us. News flash: no one is thinking about you! At least not longer than a solid 3 minutes! And if they are, they either have a crush on you, are jealous, or are a weird stalker/insecure bully and that is an issue with them, not you !!

I used to get so worked up about whether or not I said the right thing, wore a cute enough outfit, participated in the "cool" activities/events. What I realized is that even if you're doing what everyone else is doing and thinks is "cool" you'll still go unnoticed, you'll still get judged, you'll still have people degrade you, and you'll still get those weird looks. You know why? Because people are WEIRD and people SUCK. I mean sheesh, even I'm a weirdo who sucks sometimes (key word: sometimes). We are all weird and suck. We are all human. And it is human nature to be weird and suck. But you know what I don't believe to be human nature? I don't believe it's human nature to give a fuck about what others think of us and let that determine what we do or do not do. I don't think we were born with fire in our eyes and passion in our hearts for something, only to neglect it because we're scared of what someone will say? No. I think that's society's fault, and I hate it.

I hate that magazines tell women and young girls what it means to be beautiful. I hate that bullies have taught kids that it's easier to stay quiet and keep to themselves than to speak up and speak their truth. I hate that people who love playing an instrument or riding horses or making youtube videos or writing poetry or taking improv classes or reading books or larping get ridiculed for spending time doing the thing that makes them happy. Why can't we all just be each other's biggest cheerleader and be like fuck yeah! You play that flute! WORK that improv class! Because again, when we ridicule others, when we put others down for doing what they love, wearing what they like, and saying what they feel, we really don't care about them we are just unhappy with something about ourselves. People are too concerned with themselves to really, truly care about you and what you do.

This is honestly just a tiny rant because 1) I'm feeling guilty about not blogging since school has started back up and 2) I'm really tired of letting the thought of what other's will say or how they'll react get in the way of mine and everyone's happiness. Nobody gives a fuck about you because they're too concerned with themselves and what other's are thinking of them. So how about we all just collectively agree to root each other on! Encourage each other's passions! Speak our truths! And appreciate and respect everyone for it! ! ! ! ! ! !!! !! 

4! That's how many times I said the word fuck in this blog post! But I don't give a fuck and neither should you! Doesn't that feel good! 6!