What am I Going to do With my Life?


Originally posted on my Instagram, find the post here!

Do you ever feel like you’re so young, but you’re so old at the same time? I’m turning 21 soon, and sometimes that feels reassuring; but other times it’s overwhelming and I feel like I’m so far behind. I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel like I should have two thriving businesses and a secret, up and coming side hustle. I have a clear idea of what field I want to go into, and because I see people my age gaining success with it now, I feel like I’m too late. I feel like I have the potential to do well in this field, so why am I not doing it now? But then I take a step back and think about how young I am again. I think about how some people, even those who are working towards the same career or goal, have different ways of getting there. With social media and the ability to see success at such a young age, it’s difficult to feel content with your individual path. It’s difficult not to feel rushed. It makes me feel like there’s a lot of pressure to do something with my life now, or at least have it all figured out. Often times, that pressure motivates me to do more. It motivates me to keep creating, keep putting myself in situations, keep gaining experience/knowledge, and to continue being opportunistic. Other times, it overwhelms the hell out of me. It makes me question the things that I’m doing, it makes me want to throw my hands in the air and say I quit, it makes me more impatient, and it definitely gets the best of me. But you know what? Whether my path is going to college, getting a degree, and landing my dream job straight after graduation, or whether it’s getting an opportunity to start working full time in a year doing what I love and traveling the world, I can’t control that. For me, overwhelming feelings stem from feelings of not being in control; but sometimes, we’re not supposed to be in control. It’s okay to fly by the seat of your pants- to let life take you where it wants you to go. And it’s okay to work hard towards a goal and make things happen for yourself, too. But I’m going to remind myself not to put too much pressure on myself and a timeline. I’m going to remind myself that this is my path and I’m right where I need to be.