3 Ingredient Hot Apple Cider


Since weening myself off of coffee & limiting my caffeine intake to only matcha, I’ve been skipping my usual morning bev most days. Well, last night was my twenty first birthday & this morning I’m needing a little pick me up. I’ve made this the past two mornings & I’m obsessed. It’s anti-inflammatory, aids digestion, kills any bad bugs in your gut (bacteria, yeast), antioxidant rich, energizing, & absolutely scrumptious. There’s nothing like sipping a hot apple cider and cuddling up with a blanket on a snowy morning. Oh, it’s also only 3 ingredients. Do it:

-hot water

-chopped ginger root

-2 tsp of apple cider vinegar (I just do 2 cap fulls)

-lots of cinnamon

Stir, sip, & enjoy my friend!!