Happy Belly CoYo Bowl

Is it Spring yet? I am absolutely over cracked knuckles and dry legs. Deep down, I have a love for the month of February— but Colorado makes it really hard for that love to come out. I don’t know about you, but the weather influences a lot of my daily decisions. Like when it’s 15 degrees and the wind is howling, I email my professors, tell them that class is not in the cards today, and stay inside. That type of weather calls for John Mayer and a big bowl of oatmeal.

The other day I exercised outside— yes! You heard me! It was warm enough to put on my running shoes, walk up to Chataqua, and get a 35 minute work out in without frozen tears falling from my eyes! Even though that 50 degree weather lasted for about a day, I got excited and bought a shit ton of fruit, along with two pairs of pastel pants from Madewell. I decided that maybe if I just pretended it was already spring, it would come sooner. So, since it’s “spring” a fresh breakfast and clothes that scream Easter were in order this morning.

Oh, you’re over winter, too? Well then, wake up and pretend it’s spring with me by having the yummiest, fresh spring breakfast: a yogurt bowl with fruit! Simple, I know. But breakfast should be simple and real and full of healthy fats, antioxidants, and probiotic rich foods! I avoid dairy, which usually means if I want yogurt my only options are almond milk yogurts loaded with added sugars. Ya girl isn’t into that. BUT FEAR NOT. I found this amazing coconut yogurt from my health food store called CoYo that’s legit just coconut cream and probiotic cultures. It also doesn’t taste like sour chalk like some of the other coconut yogurts I’ve had, so yay for that!

The yogurt bowl I had for brekkie this morning is full of healthy fats, probiotics, and antioxidants, which will keep me full and energized for hours! Do yourself a favor and recreate it:


-CoYo natural yogurt

-1/2 banana

-fresh blueberries

-fresh raspberries

-cacao nibs

-cardamom & cinnamon (v important! makes it so much tastier!)