My Opinion on Opinions

You’d think by 2019, the word slut would be extinct. You’d think it’d be universally known that opinions aren’t fact. You’d think people could be unapologetically themselves and express their own individuality any way that they’d like without being shamed for it. But here we are.

I will be the first to say that I cannot control the way something I post, say, or do is perceived. Once I put it out into the world, it’s “fair game.” If you think my tattoo is trashy, that I’m crude because I curse on social media, or that because I posted a photo of me in underwear and a bralette that I look slutty, that is your opinion and I cannot control that. In the words of my father, “there’s two things that everyone has, an opinion and an asshole. That’s the greatest thing about this world.” You are entitled to think, say, and believe anything you want to, and I’m not even here to say that you are wrong for perceiving my character in the complete opposite way that I intended you to. But what I am here to say is that while you are entitled to express your opinion and the way you feel, you are not entitled to try and change the things I do, say, and post with your opinion. You are not entitled to act like your opinion is fact, and proceed to think that your opinion is everyone’s opinion, and so anyone who doesn’t align with that, needs to change.

I talk about shitting a lot. Why? Other than the fact that I’ve dealt with constipation my whole life and my mother had to shove suppositories up my ass as a kid and so my bowel movements are something I make sure is functioning optimally on the daily, it’s because I don’t think it’s something people shouldn’t talk about. I’ve gotten a lot of shit (pun absolutely intended) for being candid about pooping on social media. “It’s unladylike” “It’s gross” “ew girls don’t poop.” Again, that’s your opinion and I cannot control the way you perceive my character. I also don’t ever let people’s opinions alter the way I feel or think about myself. I’m confident in the person I am, your opinions about me that don’t align with the person I actually am don’t change that. But I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t anything that bothered me.

It’s not necessarily opinions and misjudgment, but it’s when people form their opinions on just a portion of the bigger picture. It’s when people judge something or someone off of first glance, or first impression. It’s when someone neglects to scratch the surface, refuses to dive deeper, and bases their opinions on ignorance. So, when someone sees me on my instagram story talking openly about poop and promoting my blog post about colonics, but decides that because I’m talking about poop I’m gross (neglecting to see that the message I’m really trying to spread is colon health and speak on constipation) that bothers me. When someone scrolls through my blog, sees the title “women masturbate too,” and decides that I am crude without understanding that I’m trying to educate young women about their bodies, that bothers me. When someone views an instagram photo of me in a black lace bralette and underwear, and decides that I look slutty without reading the caption and understanding that the message I was spreading was self-love and body positivity, not “please look at my body in a sexual way and think I’m asking for it,” that fucking bothers me.

I will not censor myself due to the opinions of others. I will not change the things I do, the things I say, or the person I am to align with the opinions of others— and I will especially not lose sleep over, or even consider, your opinion if it was formed on ignorance of the bigger picture. Have your own opinion. Strengthen your own beliefs. But please do not use your opinion as a weapon.