I luv u very ~bulletproof~ matcha

Okay, I know you’ve heard of bulletproof coffee — and if you haven't, 1) not sure where you’ve been the past 3ish years. 2) It’s essentially coffee with grass-fed butter and mct oil added in. If you want to read in depth about the benefits of drinking this fatty cup a jo, you can click here for more info. I’m slowly implementing intermittent fasting into my lifestyle; so what I like about a bulletproof bev is that I can sip on something (other than water or black tea/coffee) in the morning that’s going to satiate my hunger and prevent me from being, for lack of better words, an irritable hangry bitch. Because I don’t eat dairy or drink coffee daily, (ya know, so I’m not constipated 4 life!!) a bulletproof coffee just isn’t in the cards for me. I love being high maintenance!!

Since I still want to reap the benefits of satiation and energy, I’ve been working on a bulletproof matcha recipe that has no dairy and, obviously, no coffee. This bad boy is delish, only includes 5 ingredients, and keeps me full and happy until I eat my first meal. Dooooo it:


dairy-free bulletproof matcha

-1-2 tsp of matcha powder (I got mine from Japan, but make sure you buy ceremonial grade — more expensive, but best quality — or organic like this one)

-1 tsp ghee butter (I know you’re probably like, isn’t butter dairy?? Ghee is clarified butter, & most of the milk solids are removed through clarification so it doesn’t give me problems. Makes the matcha rich & yum.)

-1 tsp cacao butter (makes it taste silkier)

-1 scoop unflavored collagen peptides (makes it frothy, I like vital proteins or garden of life)

-2 cups hot water

-Shake — or two or three or seven, of cinnamon (balances the blood sugar and is super yum)