Crop tops. Okay, these tiny tops have been in & out and back around again, but have yet to complete the cycle and part ways with almost EVERY teenage girl's closet. If you want my opinion, I think I would cry if these went out of style. I would DEFINITELY* cry if these went out of style. Living in Florida, crop tops are the go-to. Especially because you can dress them up by throwing on some high-waisted jeans, a leather jacket, and some wedges or dress them down with some comfy shorts and sandals. They're simple yet bold enough to make for the perfect outfit!

I ran into a dilemma the other day when I found an old shirt in my closet. I remember being like 14 and stealing it from my mom, but ended up never wearing it (for good reason..). The shirt was long, girly, and well, just look at the picture!! All I can say is that it wasn't exactly my style. However, the middle of the shirt was scrunched which gave me an idea. SCISSORS. Now I know, this probably makes it look messy, but I'm not really the super perfectionist type. (key word: super). I cut away the flowy part below the scrunched bit and just like that, the shirt went from BAD to FAD (Im sorry for that terrible ending statement it rhymed, ok.)


Fringe. Definitely the up and coming trend in fashion. Just this past Saturday I was at TPC golf tournament, saw a girl with a fringe bag, turned to my boyfriend, and said, "SEE!! I told you it's the new trend!!". Then he reassured me that her and I are the only people we've seen all day wearing fringe.... But whatever, I'm in love with it.

So, the next thing I decided was that since the belt loop in the shorts were visible now, it DEF needed the belt. Because I don't go shopping for belts... like ever (which I probably should), I cut off the strap on one of my old bags and looped it around so that it was hanging down the front of the shorts. Lastly, I paired the outfit with some brown knee-high boots to match the fringe belt and.. Voila!

I think my mom loved this DIY outfit because it costed nothin' which means my dad couldn't complain about me spending money :-)...

IMG_2755IMG_2754 10.29.00 PM

Bag: Pacsun (forever ago)

Shorts: Tria (Sophie and Trey stores)

Shirt: Bloomingdales? (maybe, lol.)

Stay crafty👗✂️

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 6.09.39 PM