So, one of the first things you should know about me is that I change my hair, a lot... and quickly.

I am definitely one of those people who thinks of an idea and follows through with it almost immediately. I don't even think twice. I guess this can be a good or a bad thing? But that's besides the point, the fact is I do a lot on impulse, especially when it comes to my hair. It's come to a point where my hair dresser never really worries about what hair color or style I want to do because he knows in two weeks I'm just going to change it anyways. Literally less than a month ago it was long and brown:


Anyways, since then I chopped it off, dyed it pink, chopped some more off, and dyed it pinker again. Some of my hairdressers other clients were telling me that I should just leave it the way it turned out after we bleached it and not put the pink in because it was pretty blonde, but I came to get pink so I was getting pink. That's another thing about me, if I want to do something and I ask your opinion on it, most likely I'm just going to do what I want to do despite what you say... another potentially good or bad quality? I don't even know.

You might be wondering why I even wanted to dye it pink to begin with. Well, like I said, I'm always staying up to date with the newest trends, and the whole silver, bleached, pastel colored hair is what evvvvvery social media/style icon has been experimenting with. I've always loved putting different colors/things in my hair, when I was in elementary school I had pink extensions, feathers, all of that good stuff. Even throughout middle/high school, I rotated from light to dark and even BRIGHT RED hair. And yes, I did look like Ariel (you can see pics on my Instagram: @mandadimarco). But, I never did any non-natural colors. Like I said, I am such an impulse person so when I saw the exact kind of hair I wanted to do on Pinterest, I made the appointment for that Friday (I found it on Wednesday, lol.)

The first attempt was beautiful, it was very subtle, blended so swiftly, and sheered pink in the light. However, it was almost too subtle considering when I went in the hot tub the next night it ALL came out. Well actually that was my fault, I was told to wash my hair with cold water so that the color locks in and of course I do the exact opposite and submerge it in a steaming hot jacuzzi. First attempt:

IMG_1376 IMG_1446

One of my main concerns with dying it pink was it being too in your face and loud. So the first time I was extremely happy with the outcome. However, I did want it to stay in so I had to go back and get it re-dyed. My hairdresser told me that in order to ensure it stays in longer, we have to dye it a deeper pink and wait for it to gradually fade. Of course I was totally fine with it because my motto is, "it's just hair!" So, after that weekend I went in on Tuesday and got it to such a cool pink color. Second attempt:


I was so so so so so pleased with the second version! My hairdresser is seriously the best. Over the summer we're gonna go alllll different colors while it's still bleached and I'm allowed to have fun hair color!! (Since I go to private school I have to have a "natural" color). But I kinda got away with the pink since we have like 2 weeks of school left!!!!!

Mint huuuurrr is next!!!!

Thanks for reading & I would love to hear your comments down below! Oh & if anyone is looking to do something different with their hair, but don't know who to go to contact Str8 Endz hair salon in Altamonte and ask for Luis!

Str8 Endz #: (407)-332-7501

(I go to Luis, but I've seen the other hairdressers work and they're all super talented!!)

Stay colorfuuuuul🌈

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