BREAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKYYYYYY!!! If someone told me the only food I could eat for the rest of my life is breakfast food, I would never look back. If you know me, it's definitely no secret that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I seriously fall asleep at night excited to eat my breaky in the morning... no joke. I never go a day without it. I believe that breakfast is not only important for starting your metabolism everyday, but it really can determine how you feel the rest of the day.

I'm not the pancakes, waffles, french toast kinda breaky gal. No no. (However, once in a while you might catch me ordering a Nutella and strawberry waffle from Briarpatch😋). I usually stick to lighter-healthier breakfasts because it keeps me light and not too full-feeling going into the afternoon. Especially when you're going to the beach or planning on being in a bikini all day, you don't wanna feel weighed down and bloated by those 3 and a half donuts you just ate!!! (save dat for a netflix-sweatpants-bed-all-day kinda day hehe). Here are my all time fav simple & quick breaky meals that keep me healthy and feeling light for the day:


This is usually what I have before school every morning. I even eat this on the weekends though because its just so yummy!! So, If you're not one of those people who likes oats, I promise you don't have to rule this meal out! The types of granola we ALWAYS have around the house are peanut butter, sunflower & pumpkin seed, and vanilla honey almond granola. The flavors of these granolas really disguise the actual taste of the oats! If I'm not using cereal, I'll usually just mix all three granolas into my bowl with almond milk and eat it like that! However, whenever we have our favorite cereal at the house, Nutritious Living's HiLo cereal (the original flavor), I pour that in a bowl and still sometimes use multiple granolas or just mix one with the cereal and pour almond milk over top!! I know some people don't like almond milk, but I'm telling you if you pair it with the flavored granola it mixes in with the milk and makes it delicious.



So, if you don't like egg whites by themselves, you can obviously just eat some scrambled eggs, but don't add cheese to them. This is really simple; scramble some egg whites, throw some salt n pepper on dat thang, and viola! Hard boiled eggs are also so yummy to eat for breakfast & easy to just grab in the morning if you're in a rush. So make some at night & munch on them the next morning! I will tell you no secret, I am THE BIGGEST FRUIT EATER YOU WILL EVER MEET. I eat fruit with almost every meal. It's kind of become the alternative cure for my sweet tooth at night so, instead of some ice cream, I'll eat a big fat fruit bowl (except when I'm finished I still want zee ice cweam, sigh). So, pair your egg whites with a nice lil' fruit bowl and even some yummy wheat toast!



If you don't like greek yogurt just use regular yo-plait yogurt, however with chobani greek yogurt you can mix it up with their blueberry, strawberry, or just plain vanilla yogurt. Pour some of the granola's that I mentioned over top and there ya go! And of course, a yummy fruit bowl goes well with it too, hehe.



I learned this little trick a couple years ago and sort of forgot about it until a couple months ago. It's a perfect little breakfast meal if you don't have the time to make eggs in the morning but are still craving them! What you do is beat 2 eggs in a cup (a measuring cup or a tea mug works best), add some cheese or whatever you want in it, & stick it in the microwave. And yes, the microwave!!! You put it in for about a minute and take it out and see how it looks. You kind of have to just play around with the amount of time it needs, but start off with a minute and stick it back in for 30 seconds and so on and so forth until its fluffy and not runny! Once your done you can either put it on a plate and eat it like that, cut it up and wrap it in a wheat tortilla, or put it on some toast and make a egg-sammy out of it! I know it's so weird to think about cooking eggs in the microwave, however it really does work and tastes yummy!! You can even add some fat-free cream to the eggs before you cook them if you want a sweeter taste.



This is obviously a really simple thing to eat in the morning, but it's one of my favorites. I was never a huge fan of bananas so putting the peanut butter on it has made it 100000x better for me and I actually really enjoy them now. We always buy the reduced fat peanut butter, but my mom bought this really healthy peanut butter one time called, Better'n Peanut Butter and its actually really delicious.


I usually don't go a day without drinking coffee or tea; so if I'm having tea I'll make some english breakfast (awake tea) without sugar or cream (except sometimes I'll add fat-free cream because it makes it extra yummy), or if I do coffee it's either make some at home w/ just cream, go to panera and get an iced coffee w/ just cream, or a skinny vanilla latte from starbucks.


I hope these breaky ideas help you out if you're struggling with finding something quick & healthy to eat in the morning. All of these meals aren't just meals I eat if I want to be healthy, they are genuinely all so yummy which is a bonus!!!

Thanks for reading & if you have any questions or ideas about things you want me to talk about leave a comment below or on my mandadimarco.

Stay delicious🍓☕️🍳

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