Did someone say shopping? Did someone say online? Aka sitting on the couch in your pj's, drinking coffee and visiting as many online stores as you can without the walking and lines of malls😊. I am definitely a HUGE contributor to the online shopping world. My dad was actually telling me the other day that a box literally gets delivered to our house, addressed to yours truly, every week. I tried to deny it and acted like he over exaggerated but.... guilty as charged. I have scavenged through many clothing websites over my years of possessing a personal laptop & have come across some pretty great stores. Many people often ask me where I shop or where I bought a certain outfit/accessory & I'm telling you, 9/10 times (the only other time being stolen from my mom's closet) I will say one of these sites below: I recently discovered this clothing site just a few months ago and fell in love. The clothing they provide is sort of boho & edgy at the same time, there's a wide variety of styles. Another reason to love is because their pricing is super reasonable and not too expensive at all for the quality of their clothes. The only thing to be aware of is that some of their clothing runs small, so just be conscious while purchasing items. Otherwise, I'm obsessed with this store. Here's some of the things I purchased:


(Via missguided: fringe shorts, fringe jumpsuit, henna hand print dress) Again, I recently just came across this site as well and if I had more of my own money to spend all of the time, I would definitely have more NastyGal purchases. Not that this store is super expensive, I just have $2 and like 5 cents to my name (I need a summer job😫). The one thing I found out about NastyGal is that their accessories are too dieeee for. They have the coolest, most different, stand-outish-statement (so not a word or thing at all) necklaces and bracelets, UGH it's all just so fun!!! I was feelin' a little 90's trendy one day and made a sort of impulse purchase, even though I actually was meaning to look for this purchase (?I'm confusing?), and bought some hair chopsticks:


(Via nastygal: Chopsticks) Also another new find, I LOVE A GOOD PAIR OF SUNNIES, I LOVE EM, I LOVE EM, I LOVE EM! I am the type of person that will literally where sunglasses outside until it's legit pitch black out, I don't know why I just think they are the perfect touch to every outfit. I buy more sunglasses than shoes.. and I'm pretty sure it should definitely be the other way around. But I don't care. Quay sunnies are NOT EVEN EXPENSIVE YET STILL SO AMAZING. They're just so unique and unlike any other brand and I'm just obsessed and adore every single pair and you just need to go visit their site now. I bought these jems (they're called penny lane):


(Via Quay: Sunglasses) Everybody knows about urban.... I hope. They're just such a trendy store that has all the must haves. Even though urban outfitters is more on the expensive side, you can't walk out or leave their website without buying at least one thing. Definitely one of my go to sites when I'm in the online shopping moods. Some things I've bought:


(Via urban: maxi dress, romper, and both joggers & tunic tee) Pacsun is definitely another one of those stores you never not visit whenever you're online shopping or at the mall. Just like urban, they have all the essentials you need in your closet. The one thing I really like about pacsun though, is their crop tops. They always have the simple black, white, and gray ones, but also have the cool design and patterned ones that are fun to have around your closet. Here's some I've purchased:


(via pacsun: black crop top, white crop top, & poncho) Revolve has been the best go-to site when I'm trying to look for a cute and different outfit to wear to an event. Even though the prices are on the expensive side, the quality of the clothes makes up for it. Plus, the more expensive ones are the nicer dresses, rompers, and skirts that you would wear to a fancy outing, so they should be a bit pricier than normal. However, even the pricier items aren't unreasonable. All in all I would definitely recommend this site if you're trying to look for a homecoming/prom/wedding dress. Here's what I bought:

IMG_8051IMG_2394 IMG_8125

(Via revolve: All three dresses) Braaaaaandy Meelvilllleee. Another one of those must-haves stores. The extremely good thing about this site is how inexpensive their tops and bottoms are. Unless you're me and think "oh since they're cheaper items, I can buy more!" and I end up with a $200 total😕. I'm a lost cause. The tops and bottoms are definitely on the more essential white and black tees, tanks, and dresses side, but everyone needs those in their closets and Brandy Melville is the place to buy them. What I purchased:

IMG_0254 IMG_9184

(Via brandy: black shirt & maroon tunic dress) Ok. My BFF Carli found this website in like 9th grade, I believe, and I totally forgot about it until I was figuring out my top 10 shopping sites, but it definitely deserves to be in this. If you haven't heard about it, whenever you visit the website you'll get a very beachy, boho-hippie, with a tribal twist vibe. Just imagine what a Native American surfer who went to Woodstock would wear and BAM. Oh & prices are definitely reasonable.

(Don't have an image of me wearing any swell items because I shopped here in like 9th grade, but I will definitely be purchasing items from here soon!!!) Another GREAT clothing website if you're looking for a dress or jumpsuit to wear for a special occasion. This is where I got my 9th grade homecoming dress. I know a lot of other people who have purchased prom/homecoming dresses from here as well and they've all been ADORABLE/sexy at the same time (?weird combo, I think not). I get a very springy-summer beach tan neony vibe when I go on the website and I think you will too when you check it out. Dress from saboskirt:

580826_437194109670053_1714899631_n If I could pick one place to have as my massive walk-in closet, it would be a free people store. I just love how flowy and boho and vintage but modern and casual but also dressed up all of their merchandise is and can be. It's definitely very free-spirited type of clothing. I know, I know, it's expensive!! But it's one of the websites I check every time I online shop JUST to look and literally DIG through the items to find one on sale or sort-of cheap!! My purchases:

IMG_3056 IMG_3061

Thanks for reading & I hope this helps next time you have a lazy day, time to spare, and money to blow.

You're welcome & I'm sorry, at the same time.

(BTW. Those photos that have Nancy Faircloth watermark on them were taken by Nancy and in a couple weeks she is having a "Flash Sale". Once I am alerted that the Flash Sale coupon on my iPhone app is ready, I'll share it on Facebook so you guys can click on it, and whoever the first callers are, she will be offering limited number of sessions for just $25.00 (regularly $125.00)!!!! So make sure you look out for that Facebook post in the future to get a really good deal on amazing senior pictures or just pictures in general!)

Stay trendy👗💳👙

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