Update: I am currently sitting on the back porch of my beach condo, in the shade, & enjoying the wonderful breeze. Why am I very appreciative right now you may ask? That is because I had to wake up for a track meet at 6 am & was baking in the scorching hot sun alllll day until 2 pm. Florida I have a love/hate relationship with you. But since I am sitting here with my legs ACHING from jumping, I thought it was only appropriate to write about exercise & my philosophy on how to stay fit! So first, I've been playing sports my whole life which has been a big factor in me staying relevatively in shape year-round. And second, my goals are never really to lose weight, but to stay toned & in the best shape my body can get in. 


I've never been one of those girls who stressed over how much I weighed. I know that I, for one, tend to vary from like 130 in the morning to 133 at night anyways so stressing over the number is kind of useless. My motto has always been "I don't care how much I weigh as long as I look good". And that mindset has really gotten me to where I am now; which is the best shape I've ever been in! I think if you switch your mentality from stressing over an exact number of lbs to weigh, to focusing on how toned or healthy you want to appear, it'll make your journey to being fit/healthy so much smoother & a lot more of a positive one. You might be thinking, is she saying to look at myself in the mirror and critique every little flab or cellulite areas or any other flaws and kick myself for it??? No. Hear me out. The whole reason people worry about how much they weigh, is actually because they're worried about how they look, am I right? If your goal is to lose some weight, how much easier/fulfilling would it be to actually look at yourself & notice the improvement towards that body you're aiming for instead of getting caught up in what the scale says and missing the progression your body is actually making. Appreciate your body & the process you're putting it through to become better!


Dieting: to restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of foods in order to lose weight. 

....... ... .. .

Why does everyone seem to get stuck on that one word. The problem I have with girls, guys, anyone going on a diet is that it often gets mistaken for, "I'm on a diet so I'm not gonna eat dinner (or breakfast or lunch)". Since when did it become okay, or even healthy to restrict yourself from food? Miranda Kerr is one of my biggest inspirations. She is not just a model, but a business women who is all about nurturing and treasuring our bodies and she enjoys eating organic and doing yoga and she is just everything I hope to be when I grow up I am rambling because she is just so great I love her wow. (If you YouTube Miranda Kerr, she has a lot of videos that tell about her healthy lifestyle philosophy and it is just amazing). Anyways, my point is that she lives by this one motto, "80/20". 80% healthy & 20% indulgent. Now this doesn't mean if you enjoy eating healthy & don't have a hankering sweet tooth I'm telling you you can't always eat healthy, you're just stronger than I am lol. For people like me, this little motto has been a life saver. It has taught me that if I exercise daily & eat clean meals, I can still enjoy some jeremiahs. (All the jeremiahs workers are now going "Oh now I know why I see her all the time!" ....😕). All I'm saying is, don't deprive yourself from a couple bites of cake on your friends birthday or pizza day at school, as long as you work out that day or the next day you're completely fine. Because trust me, you can try to deprive yourself from a sweet here and there, but one day you're just going to go crazy and binge binge binge.


So, this is probably the best advice I could give you. I was a competitive cheerleader throughout all of middle school & I based. I was always squatting and using my thighs to lift up girls. I did club & high school volleyball and the main focus of conditioning was squatting or leg presses. Like my mom, I have very muscular legs in general & always had bigger thighs than the rest of the girls in middle school did. When I first started getting into exercising outside of sports all I knew was treadmill & abs/squats. Obviously, burning off calories & building more muscle in my thighs wasn't going to fix how thick they looked. Especially when I hadn't been exercising all summer & was putting on muscle on top of fat in my thighs! Shows how much I knew!!😒 However, training with my track coach for both track and just working out in general has changed my whole perspective. He taught me that you have to workout and train for your own body type! If you have bigger thighs or thighs that you know will get big if you squat with 20's, squat with 15's. A concept that has helped me enormously when it comes to keeping my shape!! My workouts have switched from 30 minutes on the treadmill for cardio & squat circuits for leg muscle to a mile for cardio & 7 stadiums & 10 hills for leg muscle. Mixing cardio with toning your legs and butt have been my secret. You have to play around with your routine and see which helps you towards the best body for YOU!! If you, whose more on the thicker side, go to the gym with your friend, whose more on the thinner side, your workouts most likely won't and shouldn't be the same.

Working out has become and keeps developing into a passion of mine. Knowing you have the power to grow, strengthen, & better your mind & your body is a drug & I am addicted!! 

I hope I have inspired or helped you to start/keep and hopefully not give up on a healthy lifestyle. 

Stay working hard💪🏽🏃🏽👊🏽

Btw, here's a pic of my view right now☺️: