*PSA: This post will most likely definitely be a long one, so I understand if you want to click your little exit button at the top of your browser. I'm just kidding I won't understand don't leave. Please.😃*

So once upon a time in the ninth grade, an innocent little private school girl attended a (alcohol & drug free) party. At this party was a getting-out-of-the-chubby-stage (don't hate me babe) freshman boy who was sitting in a room filled with awkward teenage girls and boys with his friend. Little private school girl had just jumped in the pool with some of her friends and needed to grab the clothes she left in that crowded room. Freshman boy was sitting there when she walked in, hair wet & her bathing suit body wrapped in a towel, and was mesmerized. "Does anyone know where the bathroom is?", private school girl asked out to the crowd. "I'll show you!!" freshman boy exclaimed. He guided her through a dark hallway into another room until they reached a door, he opened it and turned the light on for her. She said "thanks" and shut the door. After the night started to wind down, freshman boy was leaving the party and spotted her sitting on the couch in a guy harvey t-shirt, playing on her phone, and watching T.V. He stared at her the entire walk to the door, but she didn't look up at him once. He left and they never saw each other again... Until he direct messaged her on twitter a year and a half later and became her boyfriend of almost 11 months. LOL.

Yes, freshman boy is Lucas and little private school girl is me. And even though this is a true story, I didn't even remember him being the one to show me to the bathroom until he told me on our 2nd date.... oops.

Even though we did exchange like three words freshman year, I don't count that as "how we met". The way we started talking was VERY unique, special, & out of the ordinary... I woke up one morning, checked my phone, & went on Twitter to see the most beautiful little blue "1" by my messages. I clicked on it, saw a message from Lucas & BAM the rest was history. Okay lol, I am completely and utterly being sarcastic when I explain it like that. But yes he did DM me on Twitter like everyone does nowadays & that's how we began talking. However, we did have a mutual friend, my best friend Kathleen, & I would always talk about how good-looking he was so she told him to get in touch with me. We texted each other for a week and I kid you not, every single text message was a paragraph. I don't know why, we just talked about everything all the time. After a week of us both being busy, he finally asked me to lunch at Jason's Deli (because we both talked about how we loved that place). I cannot tell you how nervous I was to go on a date with him. To go on a date in general actually because believe it or not, this was the first "date" that I ever went on! I saw his car pull up to my house that afternoon & walked out to my driveway. He had his cute little head poked out of his window with the biggest smile on his face and said, "what's cookin good-lookin". I don't think anyone, but him, has said that to me ever; I was like okay he's a goofball lol. I got in the car and after we pulled out of my gate he says, "I just have to tell you, I am extremely nervous right now, I just need to get all of my nerves out" and did a little shake-off-the-nerves dance. I cannot tell you how glad I was that he did that because I was feeling the exact same way and it made the nerves vanish a little. We went to lunch and the first conversation he started when we sat down at our table was, "So, do you know how your parents met?" I was really shocked because it was such an odd conversation to start with and not what I thought the typical date convo was. But it was perfect because it was different & mature and I love that.

I was never really as into guys & as boy crazy as a lot of my friends were in middle & high school. I just wasn't interested in the whole dating just to date thing, I had to see a future with you to even consider it. And I was also very shy & nervous when it came to boys. Not boys in general, but boys that I was potentially into or thought were cute. I would always just get so anxious and it was hard to hold a conversation (at least it felt like it was) because the nerves just took over (& because guys in middle/high school are immature & can't have mature conversations). However, when Lucas took me on a date it was different. I knew I was going out with someone I could potentially start a relationship with, but he made me feel something I've never felt while hanging out with a boy: comfortable. It was just so effortless to get along with him and natural to be myself.

Now 11 months (on June 4th) later, he is my everything. I have never felt so content and at peace with the world than I do when I am with him. The way we interact and the type of person he is, is like none other. It's important to have a physical attraction, but its even more important to have a real connection to the person and that's what we have. He opens every door for me, orders my meal for me at restaurants, never fails to remind me that he loves me, asks me how my day went & just listens to me talk even when I ramble & have now switched the subject 5 times in the last 2 minutes, always makes it his number one priority to please me, talks back to me in his boston-sounding little boy voice when I jokingly talk in my little girl voice, supports everything I do unconditionally, sings with me in the car, but sometimes gets mad when I interrupt his solo, is one of my absolute best friends, still makes me excited before I see him every time, gets along with my family all too well, and is so proud to let people know that I'm his girlfriend. I am one extremely lucky girl. It's amazing when you have someone who is just as in love with you, if not more, as you are with them.

I am so thankful for that little direct message I received back in June of last year 😉. And Lucas, if you happen to be going back & rereading all of my blog posts from start to finish like you told me you were going to (instead of reading half & then stopping because they're too long😂), you never fail to bring light to my life each and everyday babe.


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I appreciate each and every one of you who reads my posts😌.

Stay in love💑💛💜💚💙❤️💗,