I talked about how essential crop tops are for us Florida girls in my very first post ("so out to so in", check it out😉😜), & how you can dress them up or down; except, I didn't talk about the various different outfits you can put together with them. A lot of girls seem to think the only thing you can pair crop tops with are high waisted shorts. It's like the summer white girl outfit. (Not insulting anyone, I'm guilty of it sometimes too😕). It's just so easy to slack off in the hot summer days and go super simple & its sometimes okay! However, next time you think of wearing a crop top and jean shorts, accessorize your outfit a little and make it fun! If you're like me, on the other hand, and are tired of this outfit right here:



So, I decided to literally dig out half of my jackets, sweaters, bottoms, and accessories, but base all of the outfits around this one simple black crop top. I came up with different outfits, some dressed up and some dressed down, and I hope this helps show you that you can wear crop tops with all kinds of bottoms, not just high waisted shorts. Now these are just a few outfits, obviously there are a lot of other clothing items you can pair with your crop tops and outfits you can come up with. I would've put together a lot more outfits if half of my clothes weren't dirty haha 😒.


So I threw on some lightweight black w/ a white strip pants and added a lightish leather jacket and kept on the little pretzel choker. Obviously with the jacket, this is an outfit for a colder day/night, but throw some wedges on and wear it to dinner, or put on some flats and just hangout!IMG_2850

Also with these pants I kept the choker, lost the jacket, and added a thick black headband. I would definitely pair this outfit with some cute vans or sneakers!



So when I put this outfit together, I envisioned myself at an outdoor concert or a friend's birthday! I added a high waisted skirt, jean vest, some black boots, and some fun silver jewelry. It kinda reminds me of a cross between an edgy chick and a country girl.



This one is so fun to me. First of all, I love how the pink & blacks are so bold and then the white part of the flannel just balances all the colors out. It's the perfect summer outfit; the light flannel and bold pants make for the best outfit for a day out on the town! Throw on some gladiators or some flats and you're set!! Tip: Mixing solids with patterns always makes for a fun outfit too😊.


For a more girly looking outfit, I took off the edgy flannel and added a colorful long necklace, a wooded watch, and some fun bangles that match the necklace! High knee boots or flats would look great with this outfit!



I wanted to put together a more simple & comfortable outfit if you're just hanging out with friends or hanging out around the house, so I kept the jewelry from the last outfit and threw on some shorts and a comfortable slouchy cardigan. Perfect with some gladiator shoes or just simple sandals!

IMG_2862 IMG_2863


Joggers are definitely the perfect dress up or dress down bottoms; they can really be worn anywhere! This outfit is great to wear to a friends/boyfriend's house. Bring a leather jacket with you in case you decide to go out to a casual dinner to make for a comfortable, put together outfit!

IMG_2864 IMG_2866


Another one of those comfortable-cute outfits (which are my favorite outfits). It can also be worn with high waisted denim or black jeans, but I paired it with comfortable grayish joggers and this too-die for billabong jacket to be even more casual.

IMG_2868 IMG_2869


A more simple dinner-with-the-girls outfit. To spice it up, pair with some boots underneath your maxi or pumps/wedges & a jean jacket! The long straight necklace gives it a simplistic yet complex look.



One of my favorite jackets!! I kept this gold long necklace on to match with the gold in the camo jacket & just threw on my high waisted ripped shorts to go with the spunky theme. Gladiator shoes all the way with this fit!!!!


Hopefully I've changed your perspective on crop top outfits and inspired you to accessorize your outfits more, because thats the key to every cute outfit!!

I am really dreading being done with this post because now I have to clean all of this up and put it back in my closet....😖


Stay creative🌀👓💡,

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