One day, my grandpa was taking my brother to his pop warner football game for my parents, since they were out of town. He dropped Cristian off, sat his big rosy cheeked (which I inherited) self in the stands, and was ready to watch the game. All of the sudden, he sees this fit, baseball cap, white pants wearing, woman walk across the field and says, "What's Amy doing here? She's out of town!". When my mother got back from her trip my grandpa was like "Oh my gosh Amy I seriously saw your twin." He probably said it a lot less valley girl sounding & more grandpa like, I'm sure. Anyways, the next time my mom went to watch one of my brothers games, she sat with her friend named Christie and said, "Ok, so apparently theres this girl here who could be my twin?" Christie immediately knew who it was, "Vicki!!" she said. To their surprise, Vicki was already walking their way and they started talking. Christie told them that their sons played on the same football team and their daughters cheered on the same cheer team. They talked some more and then Christie looked at them both and said, "Your daughters are going to be best friends. They need to get together because I'm telling you they'll be friends forever."

A little 6 year old girl with bandaids over her pierced ears, because she was too afraid to take them out, was cheerleading on the pop warner team, but after a couple weeks they found out she wasn't zoned for that school and made her stop cheering. A frizzy, dark haired 7 year old girl who always had a goofy smile on her face still continued to cheer on that team. One day, the little 6 year old girl's mom brought her out to one of the game's where her old cheer team cheered and introduced her to the 7 year old who was bound to be her best friend forever. Vicki, her mother, made a plan with the other girls mother for them to have a playdate that day even though the girls never spoke to one another. The frizzy little cheerleader was shoved into the backseat with the spunky little 6 year old's family. This little 6 year old turned to her and said, "Hi I'm Amanda wanna play at my house" as fast as her little mouth could speak. The 7 year old goofball lifted her cheer leading top so the shoulder slots fit & hung over her ears and that's when they knew they'd be silly little best friends forever.

So yes, maybe Carli and I did have an arranged friendship, however we probably would've found each other and become best friends one way or the other.

Volleyball was my favorite sport, but it was definitely a social thing for me too. Some of the best friends I've ever made were through club volleyball & I'm about to tell you the story of one.

So when they announced the team roster and we had our first practice of the season, that's where we got to know the girls we would be  playing with. Basically it went, "Hi my names Amanda, I go to Lake Mary Prep, & now I'm supposed to say one cool thing about myself". So when I say we got to know them, I mean we got to know them enough. I heard one girl say, "Blah blah blah Lake Brantley blah blah blah". She spoke to fast for me to understand anything else, but her school stuck out to me because a lot of my really good friends went there. A couple practices later, I was standing next to her in one of the serving drills and decided to ask her questions. "Do you know carli, blank, and blank??", questions like that and told her they were my good friends. Turns out she wasn't friends with any of them but she did know them. At a tournament a couple weekends later, this same girl sat at the reffing table with my friend and I & we just completely hit it off; she was telling us about her family and vice versa. Later that day, I was standing on the sidelines with this chick while one of my friends got hurt and had to be taken out of the game. She sat at the end of the bench in a chair and I went to go make sure she was okay. Sure enough, this girl comes up to my injured friend and says, "Omg! You'll be fine, you just did x to it. My dad's a pediatrician, I would know!" This same girl literally just told my other friend and I at the reffing table that her dad fixed up doors or something. I was like who is this girl lol. She was a straight up goofball.

She still is a straight up goofball who makes me laugh every time I'm with her because she says the most ridiculous things. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about Kathleen Lenarz, aka Weenie beans/Weens/Kat.

Around the 9th grade I combined my volleyball friends with Carli and another one of my Brantley friends and we sort of had this group going. We wanted to be like the pretty little liars group, but we were 2 people over the limit. Anyways, our group lasted until I wanna say the beginning of my sophomore year, but then we all kind of drifted & the PLL wannabes were over. Except for three of us. Carli, Kathleen, and I. We're like the 3 musketeers.

We balance each other out so perfectly. In Freud's psychoanalytic theory, (s/o AP Psych) Kathleen is the Id, I am the ego, and Carli is the superego. To explain, Kathleen is literally the craziest person I know. Not even because of the things she does, but the things she says. First of all, yes, she does say the weirdest/dumbest/funniest stuff. However, its the fact that she will literally say anything that comes to her mind, no matter how inappropriate/ill timed it may be. She's also that friend that is down for anything, even if there isn't a well-thought out plan. But that's why I love her. Carli is definitely the mom of our group. Which is one of the many reasons why we both are so thankful for her; we don't have to take care of ourselves 😀. I'm keeedding. She's always the one to think things all the way through and logically. She's still the friend that I always have fun with because we have our whole day planned out, usually. She's so kind. She's the one that usually stops me when I'm debating on whether or not to say something questionable to someone. She's saved us both many times in that aspect lol. Her jokes are always so funny because they're literally right on the line of clever and you're-making-no-sense. I've never met anyone like her! Now for me, I am the perfect mix of both of them. For example, I'd be the one to dip my foot in the water, but then be like wait we shouldn't be doing this let's get out of here, while Kathleen has already dove in and is touching the bottom of the deep end. This is why our group works out so well, our personalities mesh perfectly.

These girls have been by my side through thick and thin. Making me laugh, jamming out in the car with me & dancing like crazy, inspiring me every day, making me proud, giving me the best advice especially when I need to hear it, and have supported me no matter the situation. Thank you girls for being the best bestfriends any girl could ask for 😊.