No matter how shallow we want to believe we aren't, every girl's worst fear is getting asked out on a date, dressing up nice, & getting taken to olive garden. Nothing against olive garden though, the unlimited salad & breadsticks hold a special place in my heart & my tummy. Us girls just tend to hold higher standards for ourselves, as we should!! Of course, if you and your date discuss the place & circumstances and decide to be casual thats totally fine! As long as you're on the same terms. However, guy: if you want to "pick us up at 8", we assume you mean the attire is dress & heels/wedges. Now don't get me wrong. Yes, the place you take your girl out to matters, but that's not what should matter the most. In my opinion, there are three factors that make up the perfect date: manners, good conversation, and a connection. Because the determining factor of the perfect date is of course the perfect guy.


If you've ever seen the movie White Chicks, you know exactly what part I'm about to bring up. Yes, the dinner date scene that "Latrell" takes "Tiffany" on where she (who's actually a he) doesn't hesitate to order half of the menu, bite her toe nail off at the table, talks with her mouth full, and eats with her hands.


So, this kind of goes both ways. Clearly, no lady (I hope) would bite off her toe nail at the dinner table, but I'm just saying you need to be cautious of your manners too. For guys, I sort of hold high expectations just because Lucas sets the gentlemen bar high; however, there is certain musts that your date should definitely do. 1. Open the door for you. Now I know this is a sort of an old fashioned gesture, but if a guy is truly a gentleman... he will do this for you. 2. Order your meal for you. This one is kind of questionable & a lot of you may be thinking, "I'm not inept I can speak for myself". This gesture does go back to when women were only allowed at restaurants if accompanied by a man; since the men were paying, they would order for the women as part of a good host. So, I do see where this would rub some girls the wrong way, however I just think it's chivalrous (& also shows that they were listening to you when you were discussing meals😉). 3. Compliments you. Shy is okay, but if you can't tell the girl your taking out that she looks beautiful, it might make us think you have trouble spilling your feelings. Or that you're not interested. Or you're self-centered. And you think we're ugly. And you'll just get crossed off their list like this.


Probably the biggest factor of the perfect date. You don't want to be awkwardly sitting there having to dig and struggle for small talk conversations, wanting to look at your phone because anything but this conversation is interesting. No. At that point you might as well just make up some tragic excuse to leave early. At the end of the day, this guy you're on a date with is someone you might see yourself starting a relationship & spending every day with. So, if you can't have engaging & open conversation, look into their eyes as they speak, forget what you were initially talking about because you got too carried away and off track, & be too caught up with them to even think about a phone, then they're going to get old. And you are going to lose interest, and fast. Good conversation is everything.


Obviously, this guy you're going on a date with has caught your eye and now you're testing you guys mental connection. Make sure it's there. There's nothing worse than a let down, but don't try to force it if it really isn't there. You'll know by the conversations you have if you guys can connect: common interests, same opinions & thoughts, etc. By the end of the night, you should be bummed that the date is coming to an end and already be excited for the next time you hangout. A kiss is what most people use to determine if they have a true connection or not, sparks or fireworks going off in their head when it happens. I mean I hope we all know that that's a very fairy tale thing to think. Just make sure the kiss feels right and you feel good about it. First kisses can be awkward, don't get me wrong, but if you have a good feeling about it afterwards, then I'm sure the connection is there.

Clearly these factors are based off of the experiences I've had and standards I hold, but I just wanted to share my opinions with you because I know some of you can relate & agree with me on these! All in all, make sure the guy you're on a date with treats you right, meets YOUR standards (don't settle or feel bad for not settling), makes it a fun night/day, & pays!!!! (jk) (Actually not jk) (💸💸💸)

Stay searching for your perfect date👫🍦💑,