If you have yet to do your annual season cleaning & you can point out a couple things in your closet that need to go, I suggest you set aside a day (preferably ASAP) & get it done!! If you don't typically clean out your closet every 4-6 months, I guarantee once you do you'll find yourself doing it come every new season. Not only do trends change, but I'm sure if you're like me, to keep up with the trends your style will change along the way! Plus as we get older, our styles should become a little more mature. To me, that meant parting ways with all of my teeny tiny crop tops. Now I still kept a few, to cope with the heat of summer & to pair with fun bottoms, but I threw out a lot of the random/graphic/patterned ones. To keep myself organized this season, I picked all of my wintery wardobe out of the mix (long sleeves, heavier jackets) & hung them in a place in my closet that I don't look at right away. This will really help me see what clothes I have that are appropriate to wear in this weather/season & if there's anything I need more of. In my case, since like majority of my closet is gone now, I noticed I need a lot more slouchy/oversized/everyday shirts. Oh, and shoes. I'm so bad at shoes. Which may be shocking, but I really never know what shoes are essential to buy. It's also really frustrating having an aunt who is shoe crazy & a size 6, when I'm a size 8.5.😕

Again, If you're like me, you probably clean out your closet every 4-6 months and this is most likely how it goes, "hmmm, I wore that once & it was cute so maybe I should keep it". And then another 4-6 months comes around and you're like, "you know what, I still haven't given this little guy a chance yet. Keep." And then you end up having a crop top from 2011 & you're like why & how is this still in here. Lesson of the day Amanda: LEARN TO SAY GOODBYE. I have (had) a drawer filled with crop tops, shirts, & tanks that have needed to go for a while now & I was literally just throwing things into the trash bag as fast as I could without looking back, otherwise I would've kept half of them lol. Another tip: I'm sure there are things in your closet that you like and would still wear, but are overworn. Worn out clothes probably need to go bye-bye and be replaced, too. Change is good? I keep telling myself that 😬😳.

It's around 3:30 pm now & I have been to 2 plato's closets. The first one I went to took like 1/4 of the stuff I brought in & now I am waiting for the second one to be done sorting through the bags the first plato's didn't take. I usually make decent amount of money off of the clothes I bring in, which is why I keep going back to plato's. But they are being extremely select with what they take today!! Maybe this second Plato's is feelin' greedy & take EVERYTHING.

So, just got back home from the second Plato's and I'm pretty satisfied! They took another bag, so now I am down to 3 trash bags. I still have yet to look through the things they gave back to me, but I do know there is A LOT left. Ultimately, one of my favorite things about cleaning out my closet is knowing that I can make money off of them at plato's. Because that means I can go and buy new clothes with the money they give me. Like the way I think?😊

Ok, so I tweeted about me giving my clothes to Plato's and some people were like omg gimmie. Since I have some cute items left, I might do what I did a couple years ago and sell them online. I don't know where I would sell them yet; eBay or maybe put them on Tumblr like last time. All of the items would go for really reasonable/cheap prices. If that sounds like something you guys would want me to do, let me know in my ask or comment down below!!

I hope this little post has motivated you to get into your closets & dejunk!! I bet you need to. And I promise you, you will feel nothing but relieved & refreshed once you're done (& excited to buy more clothes!!)

Stay in season👚👖👗👙👒👠,