Due to the lack of clothes in my closet & babysitting money burning a hole in my wallet, I decided it was time to go shopping. Yesterday, I took to the Millennia Mall with my boyfriend & the first place we went was Forever 21. Now I was always a fan of forever, but yesterday I discovered a new found love for it. Yes, it is extremely overwhelming because of how many clothes there are, however I found the cutest stuff for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. Not only did I find myself buying the cutest things, but I realized that everything I got are essential summer items. After my huge haul, I was sitting in the car drinkin' a peach green tea lemonade and started to discuss with Lucas the certain trends & items that I think are going to be vital for this summer. Yes, you read correctly; I was discussing fashion trends & essentials with Lucas, he actually has a really good sense of style (I know I know, I'm lucky☺️). So with his help, I came up with some summer must have's!

  • Kimonos

So, I know kimono's were in last spring & summer and are still pretty relevant, but I feel like a lot of people forget how important it is to have at least one or two in their closet! I think the perfect place to wear kimono's are to the beach or the pool. They're perfect coverups to throw over your bathing suits and maybe some denim shorts. That way you're covered, but you can still show off your cute bathing suit tops & stay beachy looking. You can also throw a kimono over a cute romper or denim shorts & a top. The great thing about these is that you can get the affect of layering, while still feeling light and airy which I think is key during the summer. This is the one I snagged from forever 21 and I am in love with it:


(Find at forever 21)

  • Slip on shoes

SO. I have yet to get myself a pair of adorable little slip on shoes, but I am on the hunt!! I think in the summer time, a lot of us (including me) are so dazed by the heat that all we think to wear is sandals sandal sandals. Not only is it because of the heat, but I know in my opinion I am all about being comfortable and sandals are just that. Therefore, I am loving the fact that slip on shoes are a trend this summer because of the fact that they're super comfy. And also, don't be afraid to throw on some sneakers! (I am keeping a look out for some cute adidas sneakers).

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.23.51 AM (Find these on

  • Hats and belts

Not only is jewelry a way to spice up an outfit, but pick up a droopy hat & some cute belts to add some flare as well! I love hats & have been meaning to grab some more, however I am so bad at accessory shopping. I just never think to shop for anything other than clothes. Luckily, my boyfriend was with me when I was shopping and he picked out and bought this cute tannish brown hat for me! I FINALLY actually bought myself some belts, too. I feel like belts were a huge accessory of Coachella this year and last, so why not continue to keep them in style for summer? Floppy hats and studded/braided belts are so simple, but can truly make an outfit.


(Belt from forever 21)

  • Sunglasses

I talked about sunglasses in my online shopping post and how they are such a staple for me, but I felt I needed to emphasize the importance of some cute sunnies more! So yesterday, I wore a short purple jeweled necklace and another long purple stoned necklace to the mall. I threw on my dotdash pink sunglasses with the purple lenses and it really sort of just made the jewelry pop out! Like hats and belts, sunnies can be the perfect touch to an outfit!


(Find at Sophie & Trey)

  • Pigtail braids & Princess Leia feels

Maybe I'm still just such a little girl, but pigtail braids are definitely one of my go to hairstyles. Leaving them messy and with some pieces falling out is such a cute summery/natural hair style! I know it's kind of bold, but I really dig me some Princess Leia buns. I actually wear my hair like that often and have gotten a lot of compliments each time I do so I urge you to try them out. Pulling your hair up & off of your neck is important in the heat of the summer so don't be afraid to experiment with different up-do looks. AND IT'S ALSO GOOD TO FIND WAYS TO WEAR YOUR HAIR WITHOUT THE DAMAGE FROM STRAIGHTENERS AND CURLING IRONS. I honestly never use any heat irons during the summer (or any other season oops😕) because you never know when you're going to be in the pool and you'll most likely ruin it as the day goes on. (Pigtail braids example in the previous picture)


Go out & grab one of these items or try out one of the hair styles that I mentioned to stay trendy this summer & I can't wait to see what you all purchase/experiment with!

Stay chic👗👛👒,