Good morning, lovelies! I wanted to share with you a neat little DIY I came across the other day and absolutely LOVE.

As you may know, I am a jewelry fanatic. To be more specific, necklaces especially. I have recently purchased some new ones as well, which has left me with no more room to put them on my jewelry hanger's! I've had to resort to overlapping and since necklaces love to latch onto each other & never let go, the untangling became tedious and I had to find a new solution. So, I stumbled upon this DIY post and thought it was just perfect:


I love how modern looking it is and honestly, it just looked so simple which definitely sold me! I headed to Michaels and picked up a few of the items essential to building my very own holder. These are the things I purchased:

IMG_3060 IMG_3061

You may be wondering why I don't have the blocks that are in the sample picture, 1) I couldn't find wood blocks that I liked enough and 2) I've been really obsessing over wooded art & decor (exhibit A my home board on pinterest), and liked these wood coaster things better. You can find both the dowels and the coasters at Michaels (you're also going to need to purchase some picture hangers to glue to the back of your coaster or blocks so that you can hang them on your wall).

So, for the littler coasters, I cut the dowels in half just so it was proportionate to the coaster, but for the larger coasters, I just left the dowels how they were. Once you've cut or kept your dowels, you're going to want to cut a line through the part of the coaster or block that your dowels are going to sit in so that it's easier to put the hot glue into and for your dowels to stay steady and in place. Once you've done that your jewelry holders should look like this:


Let them sit for a couple hours to let the glue dry and then you can go ahead and get the hanging all sorted out wherever you would like to hang them in your room😊. Here's how mine turned out and I absolutely adore them!

IMG_3072 IMG_3075

If you have any cool and cute DIY ideas or suggestions please let me know in my ask or comments below because I would LOVE to try them out😝. Also, if you decide to get artsy and make these, I want to see how yours turn out!!

Stay crafty✂️📎🔨,