Hello my little summer beach bums!! I am currently typing from the balcony of my beach condo with a beautifully refreshing view of the ever-so blue waves and the most calming evening breeze. Every summer we spend a week up here with family and friends where we just have the best time and leave with the most unforgettable memories. However, now that my friends and I are old enough to drive and some-what trust worthy of having the condo to ourselves (mom I'm kidding we're completely responsible hehe), my condo is becoming our go-to mini vacay spot. With that being said, my friends and I have planned a week beach trip; spending a night at my condo and then driving down to South Beach to stay at Carli's beach house for the remainder of the week!! We've literally discussed 20 different activities we're going to do when we get down there we're just so excited! Anyways, since my whole week is going to be spent at the beach, I figured it was only necessary to post about something beachy!

When I saw that the whole one-piece trend was in, I HAD to invest in one. I drove to this little beach shop by my condo specifically to see if I could find one and I was so lucky! They had this perfect little black piece with a criss cross back, so of course I had to snag it! However, after I got it and wore it a few times, I realized that no one else was really participating in this trend. I think it's because everyone is too afraid to throw one on. You're probably like, "One pieces? Sexy? Uh more like child-like, the last time I wore a one piece was in the 5th grade." But that is so so wrong. One pieces get such a bad rep and I have no clue why!! My one piece is probably the one suit I prefer to wear most often. Why? Keep reading.


One pieces definitely provide more coverage than bikinis, such a given. So if you have fair skin, one pieces are the way to go. This way, you can still lay out with all of your friends and give the effect that you're tanning, when in reality your one piece is providing mass protection! Also, say you've been at the beach for a couple of days and you've developed quite the sunburn, but still don't want to miss out on a beach day. Throw on a one piece to cover your sensitive skin a bit more!



In my opinion, one pieces are like spanks; they sort of just hold everything together. If you have broader mid-section, a one piece will definitely flatter it. If you're tall, it'll accentuate your legs; if you're short, it'll make your torso appear longer; if you're thicker, it'll keep everything in place; and if you're skinnier, well just about anything looks decent on a skinnier girl. One pieces are so versatile, but what I really love, is that they compliment whatever your best feature may be and distract from a feature that you may think isn't so great.



We've all experienced a time where we've been happily swimming in the ocean with a bunch of friends and all of the sudden a huge wave knocks you down and tumbles you around under water and all you feel is your pants hit your ankles. Yeah. Not ideal. However, with a one piece, your suit is not going anywhere. So, if you know you're going to be playing around or swimming in the water all day, to avoid any bottomless encounters, a one piece is your go-to.



Yes. You read that right, topless. One pieces are probably the most convenient suits to go out to eat in, they provide a fully-clothed look by just throwing on some denim shorts. Perfect for the summer time when you'd be wearing tanks or crop tops with shorts anyways. Therefore, if you're more conservative and like to be fully covered when you go out to lunch, these suits are ideal. So, the next time you head to the beach, bring some shorts, lose the shirt, and you'll still be good to go for whatever spontaneous thing you find yourself doing.



I don't know why I just sang Brittany Spears' song Circus while typing that, but I did. Anyways, one pieces are different, like I said, no one really wears them. So, If you're looking to stand out, a one piece will definitely do the trick. Being the only one in a one piece, you'll appear unique and more confident because you're not doing what everyone else is doing. It's also fun to just branch out and try different things, so if you normally don't go bold with your wardrobe, try to this summer! Have fun with it!☺️


Shorts- Urban Outfitters

Sheer cardigan- Pacsun

One piece- Mad dog surf shop

Sunglasses- Tory Burch

I think it's really important to get creative and play around with not only bikinis, but different types of suits during the summer to keep it fun and unique to your style! I hope I've inspired you to go out and invest in a one-piece whether it's a cute, sexy, or a fun one; you definitely won't regret it!

Stay summer ready🌴🏊🏽👙☀️,