With the 4th of July rolling just around the corner, I'm sure were all preparing for a beach trip or a barbecue or even a nice dinner out! Every year for the 4th of July, my family hits the beach for the week; it's like our annual thing. It's also the day my beautiful Grandmother passed away almost a decade ago so it's a very special & touching day for us. On a lighter note, this 4th of July will mark Lucas and I's one year together! So, as you can gather this day is meaningful to me on many different levels!😊 That's why you either need to hit the mall or pull out some festive colored clothes you already have in your closet so you can look good on such a memorable day! Wearing Red, White, and Blue on the 4th is like wearing green on St. Patty's day; you gotta do it or you'll get pinched, or burnt by fireworks. Or you're just not American. I've even took it the next level and got red & blue nails. I'm just a little excited. So, here are 4 outfits for the 4th of July that I put together for some of the different occasions I feel like everyone will be doing☺️

Day attire

So, If you're one of those people whose families don't have any traditions for the 4th and you sort of just go with the casual flow, this is for you. I put together a very casual, yet chic look that you can throw on and be ready for anything. I think the headband/scarf just makes the outfit & definitely makes it look more complex than it is. Oh, & the American flag boots were only necessary.

TopForever 21 Bottoms- Target Boots- (Boutique in Aspen) BandanaMichaels






Pool/Beach attire

If you're like my family and spend the 4th by the ocean or the pool, I put together a festive little beach/pool look. It may not be the first thing you think of, but wearing scarves to the beach can make for the perfect cover up. There are many ways to tie it, but I just tied it around my waist and played with it while wearing a Red, White, & Blue suit!

BandanaMichaels Bathing suit- Target Scarf- Oceanology





Barbecue attire

I am in love with this look. Especially because of the romper. We all want to be comfortable at a casual barbecue and even more so in this hot weather, so this spaghetti strap and open back romper is perfect. I threw on the American flag boots again just to add even more of a 4th of July feel & then hung this light weight scarf around my neck.

Scarf- Oceanology Romper- Rhythm Boots- (Boutique in Aspen)





Dinner attire

If your family decides to just go to a restaurant and get dinner that night, a long maxi dress like this one is perfect. I love it because it still can be more casual if worn with sandals, but if you threw on some wedges like I did, it dresses it up! This is such a summery dress as well so it makes it perfect to wear on the 4th and also whenever you want!

Necklace- Kathmandu (Park Ave.) Dress- Oceanology Wedges- Target





I hope this helps you guys sort out or get an idea of a couple outfits you can wear this 4th of July, but I hope even more that your 4th is awesome and filled with lots of fun & memorable moments😊.

Stay proud to be an American😄🇺🇸,