This is a rant. And I am just going to jump right into it. So, there's your warning😊.

Yes, as the title conveys, I have a problem with the concept of "body goals". Do not misunderstand me, it's not the fact that you have goals of what you want your body to look like in general. That's completely and totally fine. In fact, that's so awesome; you should want to keep bettering your body. It's the body that is most people's goals that I find difficult to understand. Most of the women we all aspire to be or look like nowadays are models. 5'11 models with a 20 inch waist, big curvy hips, and these long beautiful legs. We all admire them, we all think they're stunning, & hell, we all wanted to be them at one point. However, please tell me 5'4 girl with muscular little sporty legs and littler hips how you are going to work towards your "Kendall Jenner body goals"? You can't. You're not built that way. That girl whose naturally skinny and has a thigh gap, she's born that way. And frankly, if you don't have it, your healthy body physically probably can't possess that physique. This is for all body types and sizes who aspire to have a different structure. Again, I'm not saying it's unnecessary to have girl crushes or be obsessed with beautiful models and other women, I'm saying if you're not built like them, don't strive to look like them. It just doesn't make sense. Body goals should be of women who embody generally the same physique as you do. Women who actually workout and eat clean to stay in shape. People who actually put in effort to look the way they do. Why? Because that means you can put in the effort to look that way, too. It's all about working towards the best version of yourself and knowing what your own individual body can and can't accomplish. If possessing a goal is the act of ambition or effort in aiming towards a desired result, doesn't it make sense to long for a body that isn't impossible to achieve?

And yes, I actually want you to ask yourself that.